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Are police shootings labled as Homicides?

  1. I got all heated about "The Star" CWP deal and was looking at there site. It lists "Kyle Collins" the man who opened fire on two Greenwood officers and was shot to death 2/21/07 as a Homicide.
    Im Hot about that because I know one of the officers Mr. Collins shot
    he is still in the Hospital.

    Can someone Enlighten me? Are they listed that way this Justified?
    Or what?


    Tim from the Southside
  2. Yes, an officer shooting a POS who is trying to kill the officer is still a homicide. By definition a homicide is a human being killing another.

    There is no "labeling" involved...although anti gunners and the like try to use the term homicide in a bad way to skew the statistics...that way they can talk about how many "homicides" there were even if half were justfied shootings of a POS.
  3. Yes it was the "Motive" line the star left blank that rubbed me wrong.
    "Self Defense or Police shooting" would have been nice to see there.

    Hope all the Indy Glockers keep officer Eric McElhaney and his family in thier prayers.
  4. The Indianapolis Star is very openly anti gun and often runs all kinds of stupid, wrong, illogical bullcrap. Best to avoid the paper altogether, IMO.
  5. +1

    AKA the Indianapolis Red Star

    AKA toilet paper. :supergrin:
  6. Tim, homicides fall into different categories--criminal, accidental, negligent, excusable and justifiable. They are all lumped in as "homicides" by the Red Star.
  7. AKA The Peterson Press
  8. As has been stated, they are all homicides (the killing of a human).
    However, they are not all murder (a criminal charge).
  9. The only real reason I get the Sunday Star is for paper to line my cat's litter box.