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Glock 23 Are Grip Plugs a Good Idea?

  1. That's the view port where the cockroach looks to see when the trigger bar moves so that he can release the striker when the trigger is pulled. It's all very complex.
  2. Pure genius I tell ya.
  3. It's the Austrian cockroaches that are the secret. Very high IQs, very dedicated to the task. :D
  4. I went to Glock in Smyrna to tour their factory in 1999. I was in charge of my dept's R&D at the time we were in the process of transitioning to Glock. We were buying 2550 new guns. Got a very nice tour.
    When did you speak to Glock and get your 1st hand information?

    That's right which is what I said. Some models didn't. Some did.

    Sure it does. But that was not the question. The hollow grip is due to molding process.
  5. I've been carrying the same G23 for 20 years and the hole hasn't caused any problem.

    I'm inclined to think Glock knew what they were doing when they didn't add a plug.
  6. So, you spoke to Glock about the void in the grip specifically? What exactly did they say? Also, please direct me to the post where I say what the void is for.
  7. So you think I went to Smyrna just to talk about the hollow grip? Grow up. I spent the entire day doing with their people. We talked about a lot of things. We were testing a number of different makes, Glock being one. Just to give you a bit of education on how the R&D works. When you go to the factory you're there to find out that company's entire operation. From manufacturing to after the sales support to what else is coming down the line.
    So I guess you aren't going to answer where you got your 1st hand information. I know. Gun rags and the internet. A real expert.
    I told you why the hollow grip is made the way it is. You got your shorts in a knot. Relax. No one is doubting you're a real internet expert on the topic.
  8. Actually, peng told us why the hollow grip is made the way it is. You're just riding their coat tails and pretending you know what you're talking about. Trying to be relevant. You criticize others for having an opinion without speaking to Glock and yet you have an opinion without speaking to Glock.

    You still haven't spoke to why there is a thumb notch at the rear of the magwell and why there is a hole at the top of the void in the grip leading to the trigger mechanism housing.

    Oh, and please direct me to the post where I say what the void is for. I don't recall saying.
  9. Somebodies undies seem to really be in a bunch over this. Or, maybe their plug is too tight.
  10. Grow up.
    I explained why there's a hollow grip. That was the discussion.
    You asked about my contact with Glock and I explained my direct contact with Glock while my dept was in the process of transitioning to new guns. I was just trying to educate folks why there's a hollow grip. You asked when I talked to Glock and I told you. I asked when you got all your information and you haven't answered. But by not answering you have answered the question. You're an internet expert.
    I provided some 1st hand information about the manufacturing of the Glock. You learned something new today. It was a good day for you. Now you're even more of an internet expert and you can continue to post all you want showing how much of an expert you think you are.
    Now relax. You're the one who went on point for some reason. I have no idea what your problem was so get over yourself. So far you haven't impressed me with your knowledge.
  11. Lol, I guess you meant one generation when you said “other generations”.
  13. Which plug fits the G44?
  14. That hole is for inserting your strike-anywhere matches, hooks and line, and a space blanket.
  15. Back in 2009 I think I was initially against the idea, but ended up putting plugs in both the G19.3 and the G26.

    Now with the G19.5 FS I don't know that it needs it with the way the extended back strap fits. The back strap sort of covers up the hole a bit. From what I understand, some plugs will not properly fit in the Gen 5 hole when the additional back strap is used.
  16. According to Glock it is an opening so that the mag can be grasped (front and back) to help extract a sticky mag.

    I personally like the plug because it prevents dust and other crap from getting in the void.
  17. Just so I can join the banter it’s called a magazine funnel. Not a Magwell. The magwell is the place the magazine fits into. Now you know....