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Glock 23 Are Grip Plugs a Good Idea?

  1. Just bought a Gen 3 Glock 23, and the opening on the grip bothers me. I know Glockmeister has grip plugs for my gun, just curious if there was actually any functionality in the design choice with Glock leaving that part of the grip open.
  2. If your not gonna be doing any water landing assaults then slap one in it. I have them in mine , no issues though 14 years of ownership. Pearce makes the best fitting one I've always used.
    I believe it's there for many reasons as. Stripping the mag out better, to remove water out from being submerged. Venting air ..I've heard that here before too. Someone will along to give the technical version.
  3. I am sure there is some perfectly reasonable explanation for the existence of that void.

    Whatever it may be, I don't really care. Having the plug in my USPSA production Glock 34 gives me a small edge on reloads, as the plug provides a bit of a funnel on the back end. After 12K (conservative estimate) rounds downrange it has never been a problem for me. I use them in all my Glocks btw, comp and carry.

    I suppose if you dunked your pistol in a boating accident, pull the plug and dry thoroughly. :drowning:

  4. Thanks for that information! I'll definitely have to check out Pearce.

    Thank you for the response, will definitely have to watch those large bodies of water - haha.
  5. Professionals call them BUTT PLUGS.
  6. There are mag funnels that attach using that spot...in case you swing that way.
    From 1996 until my agency went to the 4th Gen guns, I used a plug to prevent seat lint from a accumulating in the void where the butt rubbed the cloth seats in patrol cars.
  7. Personal preference- I’ve never used them myself.
  8. Personal preferences, I use them in all my Glocks.
  9. I only use a buttplug on my gen3.
  10. Glock offers guns with key locks in that hole. But use a plug by all means.
  11. Professional what?
  12. :deadhorse: (sorry, someone was going to say it)

    All of my Glocks have them, been using them since they first came out. My ocd hates the hole and, like alhovde said, gives me a bit more of a ramp for reloads.
  13. There are different types, too.

    Good fitting

    Ill fitting
  14. I've never felt the need for one by any name.
  15. Yes indeed.

    soft plastic...

    Heavy Metal
  16. I find a well fitted butt plug to be the best. And there are all sorts of ones with logos to personalize or differentiate your firearms.
  17. I’ve had a pierce plug in my gen 3 23 for about 12 years now and never had an issue I’ll pop it out every now and then and run a patch up in the hole. You know.... gotta take care of the ole butthole lol!!!
  18. Just got a thug plug from the glockstore for my G22 to add weight to the pistol for USPSA. Just a couple of ounces but you can feel the difference. The only issue I've heard is that the metal plugs can lead to cracks since the frame can't flex as well.
  19. Heavy metal could be a good idea for a competition gun (most people don't seem to think heavier is better, even in competition, these days) - not for a carry gun.

    The most important reason for a plug is . . . none, that's why Glock doesn't make that part of the frame solid, when it would likely be no more expensive - maybe even less expensive - to do so.
  20. Did you ever wonder why Glock goes to the extra trouble of making that part of the frame hollow, instead of solid? I'm no expert, but it looks like leaving that area solid would be easiest, no matter what kind of manufacturing process they use. The 1/10th of a penny worth of polymer they save doesn't seem like a likely reason, yet they have left it hollow through every generation and every model.
  21. There is. It's because of how injection molding works.

    Without getting too deep in the weeds, the tool that makes the Glock frame is a big piece of steel cut in half. Each half of the tool forms 1/2 of the frame. You can see what are called parting lines all along the frame from front to back. That is where the 2 pieces of steel come together when the mold is closed.

    One of the principles of injection molding is that you want the thickness of the part to be fairly consistent so the plastic flows well, and fills the cavity completely. If a section changes thickness drastically, the plastic behaves oddly during the fill cycle and may give all manner of defects and sections of the tool that are not filled.

    This is one of the reasons they don't just fill the void with plastic. The other reason is it would take hours to cool, and as it cooled it would warp the entire part as the polymer shrinks and the part reaches design size.

    In order to form the closed section of the magwell, a piece of steel called a slide goes in there as the tool closes, and is removed before the tool is opened. Otherwise the part would lock the tool (you could not open it without destroying the part).

    Ergonomics says the length of the grip (front front to back) needs to be X, and the space needed for the magazine is less than that, so you end up with a space that needs filling somehow. The plug is a typical solution. Another solution would be to make the magazines bigger to take up the space but that has it's own tails I'm sure. I hate the unfinished look of the frame so I use them. They seem to have no negative on function, so it's just an option for those that want it.
  22. No needs at all!
  23. I hear that Von Hayse uses those to keep his stash from falling out.
  24. I read somewhere that the frame is made to flex and this is one of the reasons for the opening. It helps absorb recoil. Looks kinda weird but I figure Glock knows what they are doing
  25. I've seen some shooters report that debris will get hung up in the void if plugged.
    Maybe powder kernels, brass chips or whatever can get in there ?

    I don't shoot my Glocks enough to worry about it.
  26. Well in case your magazine gets stuck in the glock that opening is to get your thumb in there and get a grip on it to pull the magazine out. We were taught that in one of out Defensive carry classes several years ago. It's up to you if you want to use a butt plug!
  27. I have two Glocks that came with them, they must be glued in and I am not going to pry them out so in they stay.
  28. I took my first Glock to a USPSA meet and during a stage managed to jam the top round in the magazine in that hole in a botched reload. Felt like it took ten minutes to get it out. I’ve had “butt plugs” in every Glock I have ever since. Either the Pearce or the Seattle Slug. The slug can indeed lead to a crack in the frame.
  29. I thought that little hole was where you stashed your weed.
  30. They help a lot with standing reloads. I don't think keeping stuff in or out of the frame makes much difference either way.
  31. Genius.
  32. That’s because the bottom pic has the wrong plug for gun...that’s a gen 5 gun with a gen 1-3 plug
  33. Put a magwell on it.
  34. A solution for a fabricated problem.
  35. Only if they are polymer.
  36. ^^^^^^^^^^
    wouldn't be the first time someone stashed their dope in their butt.
  37. I have a grip plug for all my Glocks... just looks unfinished without one.. plus it keeps junk from getting up inside
  38. Dude please keep your junk away from your Glock, it's just unsettling to visualize what you're suggesting. We all love our Glocks, but there are limits to the degree of our affection.
  39. To be fair, he didn't say his junk... he might have a large group of amorous men trying to "have their way" with his gun, and uses the plug to deter them. Like a chastity belt, so to speak.

  40. The pistol comes with a magwell.
    It's that void inside the grip where the mags go.

  41. I think that's a Seattle Slug (grip weight) that he has stuffed in there.
    He's sensitive about it, too.

  42. An aftermarket magwell fills that space. They do make magwells for all generation glocks. It also extendeds the rest of the grip for more surface to hold at the hump.
  43. Supposedly it's to let water drain out faster if the gun is submerged. Glocks will actually fire underwater. Otherwise if you never plan on going scuba diving with your Glock, it doesn't hurt anything to put a butt plug in your Glock.

    Glock even puts one in the G19x and it has a lanyard ring attached to it. But if Glock would get rid of the hole, they could get rid of the "Hump".

  44. I went with the Pearce grip plug and got it today! (Ordered through Amazon.) Fits perfect looks worlds better.
  45. Fair enough
  46. I run grip plugs, speeds up my reload a bit.
  47. Anyone know of a model that fits the G19.5 and functions as a snag free mag funnel? The Pearce that I bought fit horribly in this regard.
  48. Make sure you buy a steel guide rod next.
  49. [​IMG]

    Wouldn’t tungsten be better?
  50. I'm not being serious. That's usually the next question, though.