Are American's Capable Enough To Handle A Pandemic?

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    May 16, 2017
    As this Covid-19 pandemic ramps up, I question whether this country is capable of handling this.

    1. Government (Federal/State/Local) is completely unprepared to deal with this. There are no stockpiles of equipment, bed's, drugs, and infrastructure for hundreds of thousands of very sick people. Knowing full well that all manufacturing is being done overseas, essentially in a country we often refer to as an enemy, is patently inexcusable, and must be immediately changed. Why weren't the borders immediately slammed shut to prevent further contamination of the population?

    2. The Medical Community. The CDC is incapable of dealing with this, instead, seem dug-in in order to protect their turf. Their mis-steps with testing kits was just the tip of the iceberg. What the hell have they been doing at the CDC will their billions of dollars? How many medical experts are at their disposal to run a response? Likely far too few. How many Hospital/Clinic workers are knowledgeable about what to immediately do in an outbreak?

    3. Political leaders are more interested in taking advantage of this crisis for their own political benefit, seemingly ignoring the public good. What I've witnessed these past 2 months is nothing short of criminal, and they should all suffer the consequences the next election.

    4. The American public does not seem to grasp the seriousness of all this. They seem more interested in maintaining their own lifestyles, rather than temporarily doing what is good for the community. There is a reckless immaturity evident in nearly every corner of this country.

    5. In spite of pleading to avoid large crowds/groups, schools in many parts of the country cannot close because they act as a parent to students, with meals, supervision, etc. This is shocking!

    6. Air travel prohibitions to/from infection countries took far to long to be implemented, as did Cruise lines (which were already floating petrie dishes).

    This pandemic has highlighted the utter failure of our public systems to protect it's citizens. No comprehensive plans were apparently in place for anything but a tepid response to a pandemic or national emergency.

    The Federal, State, and Local governments, and the medical and financial industries have failed to have plans in place to deal with this. Given the number of lives at stake, and the massive amounts of money involved, it's appalling!

    Thankfully, the big Pharmaceutical and medical testing companies have stepped up to fill the void. But why was this not part of a comprehensive plan to begin with? Partly because this country has no manufacturing capability for these life saving items.

    This has to change, and it has to change immediately