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I'm looking to replace the plastic rear with a steel rear(factory) on my G26--looking on Midway's site it says fits all Glock models(except sub-compact).

Is there really a difference? Or is Midway ill informed?


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Then it says...


Glock rear sights are interchangeable across all Glock handguns
Standard factory sight heights:

9mm Luger, 40 S&W, 357 Sig, 380 ACP is 6.5mm (.256")

Go here:

Click on: Glock Non-Tritium Sights and scroll down.

It specs a .256" (6.5 mm) rear only sight for a G26...

Here's another link that specs the 6.5 mm for G26:

Since only one size of front sight is typically offered, the POA/POI of each model is determined by the rear sight. Why that can't be said, I don't know!

They sure make it easy, don't they! :upeyes: :faint:


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I was thinking of buying a set of Meprolights to put on a G-19. I have a set on a G-26 already, and like the setback that this model sight offers. I was wondering if the G-26 Meprolights would work on a G-19.

From what I'm reading here, they would.

Glad to hear from the GT braintrust!
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