AR scope at indoor range advice

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    Feb 24, 2018
    I brought my AR to the range ( Indoor ) and received different advice from the people who work there. My only problem was it shooting high, approx. a foot at 75 ft. One person told me to adjust it to an 1 1/2" high at 75' and it would be good at 100 yds., the last time I went using different manufactured ammo ( brand/.223/.556 ) and trying to "see what it liked" as a guy in a gun shop suggested, another guy at the range said to zero it at 1 1/2' low and I would be good at 100 yds. After the different advice I went to the shop where I bought my AR and showed the owner my target, with notes as to which caliber and manufacturer on it circling my holes and told him about the different advice I had got. He said what AR do you have? Informed him Civilian Force Arms which I got from him, he asked what scope, I told him a Truglo Omnia 6, he said it was a cheap scope as he knew I didn't buy it from him, then said sight it at 75 feet if you want and then told me he shoots at 500-2000 yards. What an a.. I won't buy anything from him again. I can't afford the best rifle or scope, but want to be good with what I have. I bought what I could afford. I know it would be better to just go to an outdoor range and shoot at 100/200/300 and figure it out, but the indoor I joined is all I have for now. I go at least every week or ten days, love the g19 3 I train with and CC and just want to get my AR close the next time I'm there. Thanks in advance if you have any advice, I'm doing my best to learn.