For Sale:


Ballistic Advantage Hanson Barrel 16" .625 gas block (BABL556025F) - SOLD

BCM MCMR 10 handguard - $145

BCM PNT trigger/hammer assembly. This out of a full LPK... So it will not come in BCM packaging. - $45

Colt AR 15 Bolt Assembly (not complete bcg) - $75.00

Streamlight Protac Remote/Tape Switch kit $15.00


Sionics V3 13.5" handguard. This is a takeoff from a brand new Sionics Patrol III upper. It includes all the hardware, but does not include a barrel nut wrench. The guys at Sionics just said to use a 1 3/16" crowfoot wrench. - $145

Will work out shipping cost depending on how many items you buy. Can send pictures if you want.