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AR 15 Magazine Grab Bag!!!

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Here is a grab-bag of 16 AR15 30 round magazines of various make, model and condition. I purchased some of them new and never used them. I purchased some used and used them more. None of them have ever failed me. The grab bag consists of:

  • 7 orlites that look ugly, but always worked for me.
  • 6 metal GI-style mags, 5 are DH Industries with green followers, and 1 is a C Products with an orange follower.
  • 2 are Thermolds that look new.
  • 1 is a clear Ramline.
  • Included are two Arredondo mag couplers that joins two metal GI-style mags together for a quick reload.
That is 16 magazines for one low price. I am asking $50 for face-to-face sales in Middle Georgia, and $60 shipped. Paypal or cash.

Thanks for looking.



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I will take them. PM inbound
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