April 15 LRRP Club Shoot in Taytay

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    Dec 23, 2003
    Pls be advised April 15 LRRP Club shoot will be composed of the four multi gun stages modified for mini rifle n bolt event with ranges from 15 meters to 100 meters composed of steel n paper targets n one swinging target 32 -32-15-15 rounds for the COFs- there will be no long range shoot...5 glass medals for min rifle n 5 medals for bolt plus additional 5 medals if we get a lot of participants in one event. In the afternoon we will open the 200-300 meter range for practice n plinking fun plus we are (Randell Tambongco) trying to set a large gong at three hundred meters. We are inviting everyone to join us in this ipsc mini rifle and bolt event... We will be following the ipsc mininrifle rules - for the bolt event we will use the same rules but creating a seperate event for bolt rifles.
    Doc Alvin Agustin has posted the COF in FB LRRP section.
    See you in Taytay.:supergrin:

    Johnny Garcia