Apple kickin lickin smokin chickin

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    Here's is a good smoking receipe for chicken that been in my family for years

    1:Apple and Pecan chips

    2: One full chiken ( fryer or pullet size is best )

    3: one pkg of hormel centercut bacon or another brand that equal in flavor

    4: ( extras) salt/pepper/crush garlic/whole onions (optional), rosemary or thyme

    5: 2 sml Apples cut into chunks and peeled( Macintosh or Washington reds )

    6: one 64fl oz of apple juice or cider


    >cleand & dress fowl, removing exccess skin,fat,giblets,etc....

    >wash meat and pat dry

    > Coat outside of the meat with a light oil, adding garlic salt,pepper and thyme or rosemary. Do the same for the inside cavity, and also add the bacon and apple chunks.

    soak apple & pecan chips in water. Fill mositure tray with apple juice.

    start smoker and add chips to the charcoal or lava-rocks.

    Cook chicken till well done but not dry.