Apparently the NY times publisher is no longer running the paper

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Mr981, Jun 8, 2020.

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    The NYT publishes the op-ed by Tom Cotton--originally approved by the publisher Sulzgerber--then an internal firestorm at the paper starts and he has to walk his decision back.

    The message from this? The firebrands that have been writing the ultra liberal op-ed articles are completely controlling the content of this paper. The Sulzberger family that has controlled the paper for over 100 years has effectively turned over editorial control to backers of BLM/ANTIFA.
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    In the play, Annie Get Your Gun, there is a song that has lyrics such as "anything you can do, I can do better".

    All newsprint has a political slant. How much is factually news and how much is editorializing is a matter of constant give and take. The New York Times is dying. Part of it can be attributed to external competition for the advertising dollar. A part of it is rot within the inside. Don't overlook that the NYT within the last couple of years cut back its proof reading staff. Don't overlook the Jayson Blair scandal wherein the papers editors and managers did a poor job of keeping out plagiarism.

    The firebrands, as they are called, are the lower paid employees and contributors who were hired and retained because they were cheap enough. For them, it is not necessary to have two sources confirm a story or to distinguish between factually reporting in the news and expressing an opinion in only the opinion page. They are riding now on the PAST reputation of the NYT and not on the performance of today. If the paper fails, it is not their concern.