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Ape hanged as a french spy

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Bill Powell, Jul 15, 2004.

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    "In 1705, during Queen Anne's war between France and England, a small vessel was wrecked in the North Sea off the English coast village of West Hartlepool and the sole survivor, a pet ape, belonging to the crew, was washed ashore on a plank and captured by fishermen. The villageers had never before seen such a peculiar character, but they were not to be fooled by his hairy disguise and outlandish chatter. The following day, the monkey was tried by court martial, found guilty and hanged as a French spy."

    "Mrs Oramae Lewis had her cat Felix freeze dried by a local veternarian after it was run over by an 18 wheel tractor/trailer. The vet used a Freeze-drying machine once used by a coffee company. 'Now I can have Felix just like I did when he was alive,' she said. 'He's just like he was in real life, only flatter.' "

    --------------------------- The Washington post, June 27, 1983