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Does anyone have experience with the PA-63? Any bits of info, wisdom, caveats, etc. will be welcomed. I just obtained one and was wondering about what to expect from it.
What holsters will be best for IWB carry? Which 9x18mm ammo feeds reliably and still has best self defense capabilities?
Any pics of holsters, etc would be appreciated as well.

Thanks to all.


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I have owned PA-63 as well as Makarovs and CZ-82. IMHO, the PA-63 does not compare with the others, but it is interesting.

The frame of the PA-63 is an Aluminum alloy, which makes it light to carry, but also makes the recoil heavier, and leads to shorter gun life (the alloy does not stand up to shock the way steel does). The perceived recoil can be moderated by using a heavier slide return spring from Wolff Gunsprings.

As it comes, the DA trigger pull is awful. This, too, can be ameliorated by swapping the mainspring for a lighter one from Wolff Gunsprings.

One last caveat: it is strongly recommended to never use 9x18 bullets heavier than 95 grain in this pistol. It can lead to premature frame failure.

As to reliable feeding, I recommend 9x18 FMJ in 95 gr or lighter. Brown Bear and Barnaul historically have made good ammo for this pistol. I had trouble with the Wolf conical point and the JHP feeding reliably.

All that being said, I still take my PA-63 to the range on occasion.
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