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Anyone use hotmail?

  1. Haven't received any email since yesterday...can send just fine....I normally use outlook express, but even at the hotmail website I get no new mail....and I know I got new mail somewhere!!

    Anyone else having mail issues?
  2. My Hotmail seems to be working fine.
  3. Ah, just got a message from msn that my particular mail server is unavailable...... Conspiracy!!!
  4. be grateful. the spam isnt finding you for once.
  5. No kidding, I use my hotmail address when I know my addresss is gonna be visible, and I'm likely gonna get the crap spammed out of me.

    Gmail, is a very good web based mail that seems to do a very good job of controlling spam. Been using it a while and have been very happy with it.

  6. And for the love of God stop using outlook express.

    There needs to be a huge stickey with neon lights and dancing girls on the top of this forum

    Please do not use outlook express as your email client.

    Thunderbird is a much better alternative.
  7. Ok I stopped using outlook express! :rofl:

    thinly disguised iMac reference! :wavey: