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Anyone know of a West MI shop with primers?

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I am just about OUT - plenty of powder, plenty of brass, plenty of bullets, but no primers.

All the ususal online sources are back ordered with no promise date. I know everybody is looking but it never hurts to ask: Does anyone know of any shops in west michigan (GR, Kalamazoo, Holland, even Lansing) that may have any small rifle or small pistol in stock?

I am about one IDPA match away from empty...
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Found some! I found 1000 primers at Shantz in Otsego earlier this week. Wish they could have sold more, but at least I am good for another 1000.

Fireball - I had called S&G Shooters Supply in Muskegon but no luck.

Also no luck at Bob's last week. Cant wait until the manufacturers get caught up again (and hopefully the retailers will lower their prices back down).

Have you tried Bob's guns in Hastings? Their prices are a bit high on some things, but if they have what you need...


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Shantz in Otsego is the place to go for everything.
They almost always have what I want, and have it in stock when I want it.

Bob's sucks balls.
They have the highest prices on things around here, and have been know to screw a person for the sheer delight of it. Bob often bragged how he screwed some little old lady out of her husbands Winchester collection.
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