Anyone here use invisible fencing?

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by harlenm, May 10, 2005.

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    Repost for GNG since I didn't know that we had an animal forum.

    Here is the link for the original thread.

    I was looking into installing a fence, and at the current rate of about $12,000, we are starting to reconsider. Now we are thinking invisible fencing. I grew up with it at my parents house with their dogs, but my Shepherd is a very tough girl. I've never heard her yelp, and she doesn't really seem to feel pain. The invisible fence company says their system works with all dogs, tempermants etc. But I would hate to have it installed and then it turns out she has no reaction to it.

    Anyone with a big strong dog have any experience with it.

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    Sep 19, 2004
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    Not personaly but an person I used to know had one on his small dog. (was awhile ago, can't remember what kind)

    Before it was trained with the fence it bolted out of the yard through it while wearing the collar. Thanks to that it knew it if ran right past that point the zap would only last a brief second and be over with.

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    personally, i would never get one. i have heard several stories of large dogs "breaking thru" and have even seen a female rottweiler do so as i was walking my dog past her yard. luckily, her owner was out in the yard and got a hold of her before anything happened. and another thought, if a dog were to break out of it because it was chasing after something/someone, would it re-enter its yard knowing it was going to get zapped?

    also, even if your dog stays in your yard, you can't keep other dogs/animals/children from entering it.

    i'm sure there are people who use it with great success, but i would never trust it to contain my dog.

    just my .02.

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    An aggressive dog will often "transfer" the pain of the shock into more anger directed towards its 'prey'.

    The use of wireless fencing has probably doubled the likelihood of ill-mannered dogs to bite, both because the stupid owners erroneously feel their problem dog has been contained sufficiently as well as goading the animal to higher levels of angst as it crosses the threshold and gets popped.

    You may be on the right track, however...

    I hear that a few types of collars can be had that give a 'warning' shock when the dog nears the perimeter, then gives a solid jolt when the border has been crossed--and THEN just about fries the pooch if he continues on past the property line, often dropping him to the ground and causing him to crawl back inside the perimeter, whining and bemoaning his fate.

    Like a prong collar, that might actually be the more humane type of invisible fence to use, all things considered, as it will definitely break the dog's will to run and attack, which should help avoid bite incidents and court-ordered euthanasia.

    These "I Mean BUSINESS" collars can often be fitted with up to 6 electrodes and heavier battery packs for dogs reluctant to bend to your will. ;P