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Neat little carbine. Under 5 lbs and folds to 25" long.

Supposedly takes AR mags. Anyone use PMAGs with one? Any issues?
Well, I had ordered one and picked it up from the dealer yesterday at the West Palm Beach gun show. I'm going to use it as a truck gun. I put a red dot sight on it and a muzzle brake. I ordered the compact foreend, sling swivel stud and sling that KT makes. I got a tennis raquet bag to carry/keep it in, and it works great. I hope to be able to go to the range with it soon. I cleaned and lubed it today. It can use P-mags, but you have to use USGI style metal mags if you want to fold or unfold it with the mag in place.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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