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Anyone have a Kahr CM-40?

  1. My LGS has one for $439, which seems to be a very good price.

    I normally carry a G27, but the Kahr is sure the right size.

    Just wonder if anyone has one, if there are major problems. I am interested in it, but a bit scared of Kahr.
  2. I have a pm9 and love it, a cm9 is much like a pm40 compared to a cm40, made a little cheaper since it comes with fixed sites, only 1 mag and less machining. Once broken in, say 200 to 300 rounds they are completely reliable and make a nice pocket gun.
  3. I used to have a CM9. UNlike the Glocks, the main rails on the Kahr or predominately polymer (there is a small steel rail up front. Either way, after about 1500 rounds, my polymer rails were showing significant wear. I read somewhere that the Kahr poymer framde guns are meant to be carried alot and shot little. The subcompact Glocks definitely hold up to wear better.

    But... it was a great shooter, accurate, but long trigger pull.
  4. I had an MK9 that started to have PSL after 500 rounds, and I could not cure it. So I traded for my EXO G27.
    But I still like the size of the Kahr, just wondering if anyone has any specific info on the CM40.
  5. Nope. Never shot the CM40. Bu tif my CM9 was showing wear at 1500 rounds, I am sure that the hogher recoil of the 40SW would accelerate the wear even more.
  6. I have a cm9 ($369) and really like it. I had some problems during the 200 round break in period, but went and joined kahrtalk and was able to get it running smooth. I ended up having to sand one side of the the magazine follower because it was catching inside the magazine on the 2nd shot and was not feeding properly. I guess this is common enough, there is a sticky on it.
    It was frustrating, but once I got it running right I have had no issues. It is a great pocket gun, but overall I like my 26 more. Kahr has super tight tolerances so it is a bear (compared to the 26) to rack the slide. I definitely dont shoot it as much as my other guns, but I am really glad to own one and would recommend it. The cm9 has come in very handy for carry during the hot summer months or when I don't want to wear a holster.