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Anyone get a Glock 44 to run reliably with an optic?

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Are there some mods I’m missing?
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I'm not the sharpest light on the Christmas tree but I'm guessing there is a minimum power level that the .22 doesn't meet to be able to run anything on the slide of a 44.
Yes, it's called the Taurus TX22 mod.
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I have an old B-square mount that uses the gun's rail to mount a 1913 rail above the slide. I mounted a Holosun 407 to that. Works like a champ. And surprisingly, holds a pretty good returnable zero.

But I'm sure that's not what you were wanting to know about... It's a pretty good option tho, if all you care about it having a red dot.
I suggest you look at the linked thread. Nothing has really changed since this topic was discussed.

Solution is to buy either or both P322 and FN 502. G44 shoots great with OEM mags and even ProMag 25 rounders but isn't optic capable. P322 is a bit pickier on ammo, FN 502 seems to eat anything. And as others have pointed out, the TX22 is a great solution. Will be picking up a TX22 Compact here later this year. Hard to have too many 22LR...
Already have a TX22 and it’s one of the best 22 pistols I ever bought

I wish the 44 was just as good
Nelson Precision is the only company to even attempt to make an optic ready slide for the G44 and they have NOT been very successful with that. The first two slide version definitely did not work and a third version was released. But I am guessing that the Version 3 slide is not working either. Otherwise we would be hearing about how well those work.
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I guess I’m stuck with the TX22….it’s a great gun, I just really hate the grip on it
I've only seen one g44 reliably run an optic but only with loads like CCI velocitors at over 1400 fps which is a good 200 fps over minimags and AR Tactical.
I know lasers aren't everyone's thing but I mounted a Streamlight TLR-4 on my g44 and I like the added weight up front and find keeping my eye on the red dot when firing has been a great help on improving my grip and trigger work. Shows me just how far and how long I drift off target during cycling.
I tried the laser and love it. But on bright sunny days the dot washes out, even with green laser
This is not a Glock 44 but it works for me, seven yards rapid fire in twenty five MPH wind with Aguila Super Extra 40 grain plated ammo, no malfunctions.

Ten rounds rapid fire same ammo same 25 MPH wind no malfunctions.

Pistol with ten round mag in the well.

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