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anyone feel like Walther doesn't get enough love?

  1. I feel like they're never really mentioned as a solid company. The PPQ probably has the best stock striker fired trigger I've ever felt. The PPS is my favorite single stack 9MM on the market.

    But when most people ask what to companies/pistols to look into, Walther isn't mentioned that frequently.

    Yet they look cool (to me) and they're pretty reliable.
  2. Nope.
  3. Care to elaborate
  4. I’ll be picking up a Q5 Match Steel Frame shortly. Nice pistol.
  5. nice! PPQ on my list.
  6. I got 2 PPS, one 9mm and a .40, both first gens. They've been stellar, but to be honest I wish they didn't reconfigure them to the current gen. 2s.
  7. They haven't had a good idea since 1938, so I'd say their continued existence is more love than they deserve.
  8. Great company in my opinion, have carried a pps dailyfor many years
  9. the PPS and PPQ aren't good ideas? come on man, the PPQ is probably the best stock trigger there is for a striker fired pistol.
  10. Yeah, the lack of holster options for the PPQ in .45 caliber reminded me of this issue. I did find a couple of options eventually, but it wasn't nearly as easy as finding what I want for any given Glock.
  11. Walther doesn’t do a good job of promoting its products.

    FN is even worse.
  12. I have a PPQ M2 9mm and just acquired the Q5 match conversion upper. Excellent shooter and I am a Glock owner. Love the PPQ; only complaint readily available spare parts.
  13. They make a solid product. I like the PPS and PPS M2 better than the Shield, Glock 43, or any of the others in the sea. As with anything, some people are going to hate especially if it's not a CZ, M&P, or Glock.
  14. They've never made a single gun I've wanted to buy.
  15. I agree, the PPS was the first pistol I bought and I tried a TON of pistols before that one. It was my favorite of the sub compact single stacks.
  16. really? I think both the PPS and PPQ are attractive looking pistols.
  17. does FN make a solid product?
  18. Every gun company has their own fan base, there's just bigger names that's been around longer. Walther USA was established in 2012, and the PPQ is coming up at its 10 year mark.

    I like the PPQ enough to buy $400+ worth of magazines. And the Q5 Match is very popular in the competition market.
  19. I love my PPQ M2 45.
  20. The P99AS was ahead of its time and not appreciated.
  21. Probably not. They only made a few things like the M16A2, M4A1, M249, M240, SCAR-L, SCAR-H, SCAR20, P90.
  22. the P90 looks super cool
  23. And the absolutely %^&*ing worst is Steyr.
  24. Wanted a PPS a few years ago, gen1. Was darned though that I was going to have a Walther that said Smith & Wesson on it. Waited a bit until Arkansas I believe came into the picture. I really do like it and seems quality made. My PPQ though was a different story, it was the gen 2 and I kept dropping mags out when shooting. It also did not feel very refined to me.
    The new match though looks very intriguing.
  25. I have two PPS M2s, one with an optic, one without. Really like the PP series guns and have always been a fan of the P38 / P1, P4, P38K and the P5.
  26. Umarex bought Walther and markets their creations like the 22 pistols and the problematic CCP with the Walther name and IMHO that hurts the Walther brand reputation .

    I really like my PPQ and PPS original version though.
  27. Walther?

    I really dig the P38 and P1 (its like having an M9 with grips that fit my hand), also dig the German made PP and PPK in 7.65 (US made stainless .380's didn't do anything for me) and would love to get another Gewehr 43 some day (it won't happen). Really would have loved a Walther 2000 but I'm not in that financial class and never was.

    Newer guns? If I had the $$$ I'd try a PPQ, but right now I'm strapped for cash and just happy to have what I still have.

    So do I dig Walther? Sure, just can't really afford to buy the Walthers I want most.

  28. Walther Q4 SF intrigues me...

  29. Its odd the PPQ and PPS seem insanely reliable, yet the CCP I've heard some issues with them.
  30. Boy got a CPP M2 specifically to have less recoil and easier slide racking for his wife to shoot (both new to handguns). It was really picky on ammo until after about 250 rounds. This was almost all Failures to Eject, though he reported one ammo (name I don't recall) that would not go into battery. It liked Sig Sauer 9mm VCrown JHP 115g ammo but not AE 115g (unless there were 4 or less rounds in the mag). Once broken in it will now feed all the stuff it did not feed before, so shooting and a few cleanings helped.

    Its blowback design is different. It has a barrel fixed to the frame that has a hole near the back which ports gas to drive a piston attached to the slide that reduces recoil. But shoot anything over 50 rounds quickly and the bottom of the slide gets hot. Doesn't hurt anything but it does get hot enough to notice. This design may also be the reason they don't recommend shooting a lot of +P nor any +P+ at all.

    Field strip for cleaning is different, but does not require any tools which is nice. I really don't like the little red spring cover on the back of the firing pin. You have to release pressure on the spring it to complete field strip. The spring cover is pretty flimsy and the pistol won't work without it so get extras. The partly released FP spring sticks out over the locking block after field disassembly unless you take out the firing pin and its spring (which is not hard to do, but not necessary if you are careful of that spring cover). You can actually clean the firing pin channel easily as it has a large slot it sits in and you can gently pull the whole FP assembly out without need for any tools.

    Since the barrel is fixed and the locking block sticks up in the back in line with the barrel you can't use a cleaning rod from the muzzle end. So you either use a bore snake or a flexible cable rod or a muzzle guide to guard the crown to clean from muzzle to breech with a fixed cleaning rod.

    It shot pleasantly. Not sure if I would get one as its one great feature is low recoil which I don't need to worry about.
  31. FN is a shadow of its former self. Try getting customer service. I had a garbage experience, as did a trusted friend. My FNS was gone a few days later.
  32. Seems like they are comfortable with faithful fans base but they make some nice guns . PPQ Q5 is on my short list
  33. I researched buying a PPQ SC for a while. I decided against it because Walther didn’t use the same PpQ sights that are easy on and off, it has an internal extractor and polymer internals in the slide, it requires SC mags, and they are hard to find aftermarket support. The 9mm PPQ seems to be popular, but the sc was not supported as well. At the same time a great deal on a hellcat came along and I went home with it.
  34. Me too. I sold my PPQ M2 9mm, because my I thought my 19X was a better pistol that filled the same slot for me. In 9mm, I'm all Glock now. But, my PPQ M2 45 is just too good to let go of. If it wasn't for that Walther, I'd probably have no 45 at all. Really great trigger for a striker. Real "accurate" for me. Lighter, with a little more muzzle rise than a typical steel .45, but, if you really bear down on your grip, you can shoot it without compromise. And the grip is absolutely perfect for my hands. Finally, never had a single problem with it. Great gun.
  35. The Walther PPS was a head of its time. It was what Glock should have come out with years before the G43. Walther would have dominated the single stack market if it hadn’t insisted on the paddle magazine release. It was years before they listened to the market and made the M2.They lost The police market because the paddle release was a training/range safety issue for many departments.
  36. People preferred the paddle release. I wish they kept it on the M2. It's a better design IMHO. That and the Walther P99 were iconic pistols. I don't understand why people think that unless all this pistols are exactly the same, they won't sell. Any differences or anything that differentiates them from the heard is a bad thing.

    I think the main issue was lack of promoting their product vs anything else. Most people knew of the Shield, Tauruses, and everything Glock. The average gun buyer has no clue what a Walther PPS is.
  37. I liked the PPQ when I handled it. I felt the PPQ and VP9 were two of the most amazing guns with regards to ergonomic fit I have held. I ended up going with the VP9, but I think Walther has a few nice guns. The Match Q5 feels awesome, too!

    I think they got tangled up with S&W and failed to transfer the "cool" from the PPK to the newer guns, and just didn't market themselves very well. I still like them, but I never seem to buy them.
  38. PPS was on my short list for carry pistols, along with the HK P7 and P2000sk. I went cheap with Walther, but NOT disappointed!

    Love the paddle mag release, because well, I love my USP also.

    But....Maybe the Walther lack-of-love is only in America? Obviously the PPK, and the P22 seems to have been pretty popular.

    I think they are just a little too "Uber" for a lot of people. But fantastic pistols in their lineup.
  39. The other day, I was at a lgs when I saw a PPQ m2 9mm or two in the display case. I’ve shot my sister’s m1, and I’m a big fan, but I got to thinking. If I ever went back into LE, the PPQ m2 would be a contender, but not at the top of my list only because I’m not sure on duty holster availability and I don’t know their support for LEOs.

    Other than that, I’d be happy with one if I ever wanted anything above a subcompact. As for now, I can borrow my sister’s anytime if I need a Walther fix.
  40. Let’s not forget the PPS was pretty pricey in the early days. I remember looking at them. When The Shield and Others came out, they lowered their prices.
  41. They have a solid reputation IMO. Their triggers are supposed to be pretty nice.
  42. Very true. I think they're oriented towards the European markets. I can't imagine any other reason why they market their products like they do........ or lack of thereof. I don't get the business model but the design and manufacture is very good.

    I own a good collection of modern Walther products, starting with the P5 and moving forward. I didn't buy a PPS due to the problems with them. The quality of build, reliability and great accuracy keeps me buying them. I'll continue to do so as long as they are designed and built in Europe by the same group of great people.

    The purchase of the company by Umarex was a red flag for me.

  43. I has a P5c and two P88s but got stupid high offers to buy so I sold them, got thousands of dollars for the trio after shootin the begeebers out of them.
  44. I think we're a little self absorbed in this country. We think if something isn't selling as well as some of the S&W, Glock, and Sig lineups in the U.S., the company has issues, problems, or blundered. Take the Beretta APX for example. I've heard several comments about them not selling well, Beretta goofed by making them especially with the slide serrations, and that they were going to be discontinued. Well the APX is being sold in 21 other countries. They're are videos on YouTube of civilians and L.E. from Canada, Europe, and around the world who own one. I'm sure the same is true for Walther. The world does not revolve around us, and even if they aren't selling by close to a million every year in the U.S. market, they're still selling by at least a couple of hundreds of thousands here if not more.

    Yea, they where in the mid $400s, and the Shield was $350-$375 once the price settled. The Shield was also marketed and pushed pretty heavily.
  45. I prefer my Q4 SF over my SIG Legion.
  46. Nope. They seem to be well liked here. I don’t own one but I don’t hate on em either
  47. I paid $298.00 plus tax for a Walther PPS M2 LE Edition with Metal luminescent sights, 7, 8 and 6 round mags. It is reliable, has a good trigger and is finished superbly. Glad I bought it when I did.
  48. There is a reason that even before this pandemic, BudsGuns would get 5-10 PPSs in stock and they would be gone before the end of day. I think a lot of people recognize them as one of the originators of the 9mm single, deep concealment, and their reliability and craftmenship is well-known. Its just a more quiet fanclub because they have little to complain about.
    My bersa 380 (walther clone) is a great pistol. My dad carried his bersa as a bug for 20+ years in LE (the reason I bought one). He always wanted a PPK, but through the years those have carried a high price.

    that $298 is a really good deal!
  49. Yep I got mine from a place that rhymes with “ Gud’s Bun Shop “ too. That was a good deal but it is long gone but then again so is that $557.00 deal I got for a new in the box HK P30 at Bud’s. My latest is the Arex Delta for $380.00 plus tax. If I were looking for a new 9mm, I’d buy a PPQ with confidence. FWIW, the PPS shoots like a full size pistol.
  50. I think people who consider walther look at HK as well, then you know what happens....they buy the HK.