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I have owned one for years and has been good.

Long story short... Mounted the sight to the mounting plate using the 2 hex screws. Didn't over tightened those. Mounted sight to rifle and proceeded to bore sight. Elevation adjustment became hard (Did not bottomed out) to adjust after a few turns. Couldn't have ran out of adjustment that quick. Removed sight from mounting plate and proceeded to turned the adjustment screw and it was smooth as butter.

After closer inspection, I realized that the bottom seal cover plate on the sight has popped out on the back. Can't pressed it back with fingers. Returned sight to store and got another one. Same thing...WTH? Sent vortex ann email. Gonna see what they say. tried to mount the sight to the plate hoping it would press the bottom seal cover flush, but no luck..

And yes, the bottom seal plate was flush with the sight before I installed it to the mounting plate. My other vortex venom 3MOA that I've had it for years did not run into this issue with the elevation adjustment becoming hard to turn after a few turns. I actually turned the screw and it went from top to bottom smooth as butter. I counted the turns and returned it to zero. Did not actually removed the sight off the rifle though.

Seems to be some kind of bind going on inside the sight...disappointed. Gonna grab a burris FF3 now..
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