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I'm gonna say nay for now...
Still holding out hope that he'll do the right thing. :upeyes:

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Scam Alert !!


I was notified by a few other people here, that this post is a SCAM, and that this person has taken money from at least 5 people and not sent what was promised.
If this is true, and you have been taken then you can contact your local Postmaster concerning Mail Fraud, and you can also contact the local police department where this person has given his address. I'm going to contact the local police department and make sure that he gets plenty of unwanted attention from them that will remove any profit that he has gained from this con job.

Since I can't list the name and address of this person in a posting on this forum, contact me and I'll share the information with you.
I will NOT buy anything on this forum again, because they provide sanctuary for people like this. This guy has pulled this on people before me, and there is no protection for us, so he can just keep on stealing from more people.
If the name and address were listed, I would not have been the victim of a Scam.
I will post his name and address on other forums. so that people will know that he is a Fraud and is being protected here.
When this guy gets arrested by his local police department, I'll post that on other forums also. His local police department will get to know him well, and he will always get the negative attention that he has earned.

This is the same person that was listed about the low rider car and car parts, and I'll make sure that he pays for his crimes.

Since I won't be here much longer, I can be reached at [email protected]

Fifties Forever
206 Division Ave.
Garfield, NJ 07026


Beware of this thief who claims to have NOS and rare Impala parts and cars.
1958 through 1964 mostly, but has claim 30's through 50's also at times.

I wish to inform you of a person who has been scamming people on Ebay,
Hemmings Motor News, Chevy Talk and the Late Great Chevy NY LI chapter
(Internet site classifieds). The Persons' name is Cleon Woods, lives in
Oregon. He goes by the name "cheeseybutt" on Ebay. He changed his Ebay
user name, use to be "impaladjj, name no longer active. Under
"cheeseybutt" he has been a buyer. But under "impaladjj" he has been
selling items he does not have. He also contacts people who have lost
and offers to sell them the same NOS item, he does not have. Mainly hard
find stuff for 58-64 Impala. This has happens on Ebay. It appears that he
is using the money from the people he steals (scamms) from to buy parts
under the name "cheeseybutt". My friend purchased a 58 visor and a pair of
58 cruisers three weeks ago for $1800 and never received a thing. His
Emails were not answered and his calls were not returned. In addition to
58 cruisers skirts and visor, Cleon offered us the Continental kit off the
car and the spotlight and a special traffic viewer off the car, along with
other item off the car. He claimed the items were off a 58 Impala Lowrider
he had just obtained, that was very similarly built like a show car called
"Sauvesitos" a 58 hardtop featured in LOWRIDER magazine. He described all
items on the car as "close to NOS as you will ever find" his words, "who
ever owned this car took very good care of this stuff, it looks like it is
all NOS". He offered to sell us the car in addition to the items my friend
had already paid for. He never revealed the color of the car. All we know
is that he claimed it to be immaculate and load with options. He claimed
obtained the car from a person in Oregon who wanted to get out of it quick
(some Lowriders in that area who had lost interest in it). He claimed he
traded some 59 parts and accessories for it. Once he found out we were from
California he flaked out and said he was keeping the car, but was selling
all options on the car cause he didn't like the low rider look.....Sounds
kinda fishy... But still insisted in selling us the continental kit and a
special traffic viewer that was on the car in addition to the rare visor
cruiser skirts my friend had already purchased. Sounds kinda fishy, why
would you want to tear apart a nice car. My friend in addition to the 58
cruiser skirts and the 58 visor also paid for the rare traffic viewer,
believing it to be an honest Ebay transaction. While that transaction was
going on, the person or persons identified as "cheeseybutt" offered me
that GM did not make, for example he offered me (8) 1959 Impala Visors
(outside) in NOS condition in GM boxes, for $350.00 a piece $2800 total.
When I asked for pictures and GM part numbers, the Emails were not
answered. I decline the transaction. I know for a fact that GM never made
any exterior visor for 59, they were after market item and made by
Foxcraft. I started to suspect some thing wrong. A couple days after
"cheeseybutt" Emails me trying to sell me a set of 59 cruiser skirts (NOS)
for $700. Again no pictures and no part numbers were provided. Again, I
declined. A couple days after that, "cheeseybutt" Emailed me and offer me
two NOS Continental kits, one for a 58 and one for 59. I agreed to buy
both, he priced the 58 at $1800 and the 59 at $2000 with shipping $4000
both. We agreed to this, and considered it a close deal. He requested
that I send him the money as soon as possible. I suspected a RAT. But
since my friend had sent him money on the 58 items prior to me being
contacted. I emailed "cheeseybutt" and inform him that I was going to
purchase to two continental kits, but I wasn't going to mail payment. I
(and my brothers) was going to deliver the money and pickup the items in
person. His story soon changed after that, it changed about 5 times. To
make a long story short, the kits were no longer available, according to
him... Once he found out we were in to the Lowrider car culture and from
Los Angeles area . He completely stopped all forms of contact. We began
suspect him to be a fraud, but hope for the best. We began to suspect that
58 hard top to be a possible stolen car. We suspected the items auctioned
and purchased on Ebay, also to be connected with that possible stole car.
That may explain why someone would strip a nice car, and sell items on Ebay
with out providing pictures.

Upon trying to find out who this person is, I search the Internet
( and discover several Impala classified sites with posted
notices from fellow Impala owners (Late Great Chevy Long Island New York
Swap board) who have fell victim to this crook. One gentleman was burned
for $5000 and another gentleman was burned for $6000. Two other gentlemen
have emailed me, regarding items they purchased on Ebay and never received.
My friend was burned for $1800. Several others for undisclosed amounts and

So I would like to warn all of you who may or may have already fell victim
to this crook. His Name Cleon B Woods. He is from Salem Oregon. Please
Email anyone who buys items on Ebay, Yahoo,,,
Hemmings and Late Great Chevy and any other means of purchasing and selling
Chevy Impala parts, and warn them of this crook. Lets keep the car hobby
free from parasites like "Cleon Woods" from Oregon.

If anyone out there has fallen victim or knows of anyone who has fallen
victim to this crook. Please Email me with names and a method in which I
may reach them. I am currently seeking information on prosecuting "Cleon
Woods", "person" or "persons" identified as "cheeseybutt" and "impaladjj"
for Internet fraud, breach of contract, theft and other charges related to
fraudulent advertisement used for the sole purpose of committing a crime
(theft). I will also be filing a claim with Ebay. We have not posted any
negative feed back on him (on Ebay) but we will do so promptly after
instructed by Ebay. It would help to have a class action law suit that will
include as many victims as we can gather.

Please Email this to fellow car hobbyist so they may be aware of this
Believe me your friends will thank you for it.

I have already received Emails from people who have been burn by this ass
hole, please forward this to any one who buys parts using the Internet or

If any one reading this Email has any further information on Cleon B Woods,
please reply with information. It will be greatly appreciated. Our intend
is to get this Email across the nation so we may recognize as many victims
as possible and stop this scam artist from operating.

Things: to know and remember about the crook:

Name: Cleon B Woods

Computer online alias: Cheeseybutt; impaladjj; mrimpalacw

Lives: Salem Oregon

Age: 25 to 30 year old

Sell or Buy Line: Claims to have everything any anything you need NOS or
mint used; claims his family worked for GM and bought out items since the

Payment: He demands quick payment, claiming some else
also wants items, or he may be trading some one else for other parts. He
also responds to your ads claiming he has NOS items to trade you for your
NOS item, and request you sent him your items first.

Advertising: He puts ads on all web sites and classifieds claiming to have
NOS parts and rare options. He also advertises cars (mostly Impalas 58
through 67 hard tops and Convertibles). He will not respond to you if you
request pictures, or title information. He prices everything at a fair to
bit below the going market rate. He a very good bull *******, and has the
knowledge of the item he speaks about. Except for the fine details.

We believe him to be operating this fraud with family members, due to the
response and contents of the Emails received from him.

Hopefully this information will help some of you. Once again please
this to any one that buys or sells Chevy parts.

Brotherhood of Car owners and builders.


Email: [email protected] for those
have any information.

Ebay feedback for "cheeseybutt":

BTT for the final outcome if it ever happens, but my guess is "Houston we have a problem" & we're all SOL........
Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor / Glock Advanced Armorer / Owner of Glock 19C, 27, 22C, 23C, 35, 36, 30SF, & 21SF with a "C" slide and barrel (so far) :)

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