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I have a number of #1 and #1.5 buck loads, depending on use.

One of my favorites low recoil SD load is Remington STS hull, SP12 wad, 12 - #1 Nickel plated Buckshot (4 rows of 3), W209 and 25.0gr of Unique. I get about 1240 fps outof my 18" barrel, a little less out of my 28" Beretta A400 Unico. In this style, International is a great powder as well.

For the big boy loads, I prefer Longshot and Pro-Reach.
Thanks, I don't load and shoot as much as I use to but I still
like to stay up on any new data.

I do have all the molds to cast most of listed loads that I posted.

I have learnt and am learning much on GT, not just on load
data but about people.

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I use #4 buck for the home protection with slugs in the elastic thingee on the stock for longer range shooting.

I have doubts about whether any 00 buck would seriously impress an auto or a pickup truck.

Your experience may tell you otherwise.
I have OOO buckshot in my Mossberg 500, mixed with 1oz slugs. These ought to work well against autos.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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