Anyone else have a Spanish FR8?

Discussion in 'Military Surplus Forum' started by Vigilant, Jun 15, 2020.

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    For those who don't know, the Spanish military years ago overhauled a bunch of their M43 full-size 8MM large ring Mausers. They replaced the barrels with brand new and shorter 7.62X51 barrels, added a flash suppressor, cut the stocks down and replaced the wooden heat shield on top, and fitted them with what looks to be a far better set of sights. It's my understanding that they were intended to be a transitional rifle between the M48 Mauser and the 'new and improved' CETME. They also take the same bayonet as the CETME.

    I picked one up a few years back when the price was right, and basically stashed it in the safe and forgot about it. The fresh parked finish has only a couple light handling marks, and it appears to be unissued since the refurb. Here recently I pulled it out and gave 'er a good look over. Haven't taken it to the range yet, but I am now pretty impressed with this piece. The M43 action still accepts the 5-round Mauser stripper clips. Obviously, a 30 round magazine would be better, but I still see this as a decent option. Yes, the Ruger Gunsite Scout runs on 10-round magazines, but you can only tote so many of 'em. 5-round stripper clips would be no sweat. And with an 18" barrel, it's pretty much carbine length. I'll probably pop off a few rounds behind the house in the meantime, and I'm planning on at least one trip to the range in the Fall.

    Anyone else here have one? If so, your thoughts? I see it as one of the best-kept secrets in surplus military bolt guns.