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Anyone else get their flu shot yet for 2020-2021?

  1. I got the high-dose version for seniors on Monday 8/24/2020.

    As usual:
    - no charge (at the pharmacy at my local grocery store)
    - no pain (never felt a thing)
    - no bleeding
    - no hematoma
    - no side effects whatsoever
    - no mess
    - no fuss
  2. Didn't get one yet but we will.
    Last year Publix gave out a $10 gift card to each person getting their free flu shot.
    Wife and I walked away with flu shots and $20 to use toward purchasing food.
    Hoping they do that again.
  3. I'm waiting for the one Putin's daughter received.

    BTW, is she still alive?
  4. got mine last week with same experience as Mr. Clean. my wife thought it was a good idea. hard for me to get the flu as I hardly go out with the virus and 80% humidity.
  5. I usually get mine in the fall at the VA hospital but they're kind of shut down now. So that's something I need to ask about.
  6. I usually wait for second one that actually works. And then I’m 50/50 if I decide to get it.
  7. I got a coupon good until 12/31/2020 for 10% off on any one grocery receipt.
    I always save it until Thanksgiving.
    That is when I usually buy the most groceries and that way the 10% adds up to a BIG savings!
  8. I usually wait until late October or novermber to get mine.
  9. I use mine towards a sixer of good beer :)
  10. Got mine today. Insurance or my Medicare part B paid for it

    My Eagle tattoo (on my deltoid) got it right in the beak. Didn’t seem to bother him at all. :)

    Came home and worked out. So far so good.
  11. Never got into the Flu shot thing, do not think I want No Stinkin Flu Shot.
  12. Yes, last week, but CVS did not indicate if it was "high dose". :fist:
  13. Too early for us. Mid to late Oct is typical if we do it that year. We've been hit and miss over the last handful of years. I think this year, we will get it. Never had a bad reaction to a flu shot and I want to limit the chances of needing to go to an ER with the flu and ending up with the 'Rona.
  14. Probably next week. Just gave up a pint of blood because or high iron so give it a few days foe me to fill back up.
  15. Just curious, is there any advantage to waiting? I assume it is the same shot and either will last the season. Planned on next week but if there is a reason to wait I would.

  16. My boss' opinion is that it's a little early yet. But plenty have come by our pharmacy to get theirs already.
  17. Way too early for a flu vaccination, especially for older folks. Best to get it in late Sep or early Oct.
  18. Same.

    I have a doc app on the 9th of October, so I'll just get it taken care of while I'm there.
  19. I have read on govt websites that protection begins to fade after several months. If the season peaks late, your protection could be lower.

    We're in Hotlanta so cooler autumn weather doesn't get here at least until late Oct.
  20. Yep..I'm in the "wait" crowd...late Oct for me
  21. I’ll get it in October as usual. Last year it was ineffective anyway.
  23. No way. Haven't had a flu shot in decades, I don't get sick, either. Who knows what other stuff they're sneaking in them? Not gonna happen.
  24. Did it include the free micro-chip?

    I heard a new one, today, from a co-worker.
    The Flu shot from last year or the past couple years had the covid antibodies included, causing folks to now pop positive for covid.
  25. Never had one in my life and doubt I ever will. Asked the nurse my last Dr visit how many that worked in the office gets them and she said none of them. :dunno:
  26. My doctor says Oct or at the earliest late Sept. The protection begins to fade after a while, before the flu season has ended. We go for the high dose, in mid OCT.
  27. Not yet. Got under 65 pneumonia vaccine last week, 2nd shot of 2 part shingles vaccine in June. I’ll probably try to wait until September.
  28. That’s when I usually get mine.
  29. My doctor usually starts contacting in September. I always get one asap. Covered with insurance, and I’ve never had any bad reactions.

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  30. [emoji1787]

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  31. I read an article earlier this week where an infectious disease doc was urging folks to get their flu shots as early as possible this year. Me and the Mrs usually wait until the end of September or early October. We will get them early this year. Insurance pays for them.
  32. My family doctor of 15 years said the only shot I should get is for shingles. He said he doesn't take a flu shot.
  33. You should be able to get it at Walgreens with your VA ID. That's what we've done in the past.
  34. I usually get it.
    I'm not going to, this year.
  35. There might be a run on vaccines, so I will probably go this weekend to CVS.....

    I usually get mine early in the year and no side effects.
  36. Haven't but I will.

    My work gives out free flu shots.

    And one thing I learned a long time ago, never turn down free drugs.

    But they used to be better drugs.
  37. I haven't got either a flu or pneumonia shot since I stopped working for my rich uncle, I've never had either disease over the years so I don't really worry about it.
  38. Most of the people I've known who got a flu shot - got the flu, and after enjoying many years without getting the flu I wondered what the benefit of getting a flu shot would be to me? That said I've never gotten one nor was it ever advised during the years that I was on the biologics Enbrel and Humira.
  39. Doc on TV said if you get one this early you need a booster by January. It's a bit early, but work gives them free in early Sept so there I'll be.
  40. Last year was hit or miss. But the Flu swept through my household. Six of us. Four got it. First, my wife. She didn't move for 48 hours. I was worried. Then, three of my kids got it. Me and the youngest never got it. The two most susceptible didn't get it.

    We took care of the infirmed. We did hang out in my room for a couple days, but our house is too small to avoid contact. But we made it out. 2 out of 6.
  41. I spent like 10 year working in medical field, back in early 1970's we had bad Flu thing.

    I got exposed to all sorts of bug & germs.

    Never got any Flu shots, did get Flu one for like 5 days.

    Two man double shifts, lack of sleep, but I recovered.
  42. My job offered it at no cost. No thanks, keep your government flu shot nonsense.
  43. Never had one in 69 years...

  44. Had them throw in a little bleach in mine.........it was either that or Lysol that I heard was good to go for the virus too.....................
  45. My wife & I get ours at Publix & they give each of us a $10.00 gift card.
  46. Unless it’s a bourbon called Flu, no...
  47. Too soon. My doctor recommends waiting until mid- September so it has a better chance of lasting all the way through the flu season.
  48. My wife and I got ours today. Also the pneumonia shot. One hurt and the other didn't. tom. :dunno:
  49. Wife and I are going to wait another month and get one.
  50. Last week. Every year I get one.