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Anyone Eat at McDonald's?

  1. Gross!!!
  2. I used to get chicken nuggets at a McDonald's on the turnpike when I drive back to the city.


    I'm not sure if the picture really is the makings of chicken nuggets or not... but I decided to skip the drive through on the drives, or I opt for a bag of chips or something.
  3. Who is Mr. Washington that spit in the guys drinks?

    If Obama had a step son he would look like...

  4. Just imagine if it had been a white guy spitting in a black guys drink. Hell there would be an uproar from the high heavens of the NAACP, Black Panthers, and every other rag-tag organization on the planet.
  5. Sadly every McDonalds within a 25 mile radius of my house knows me by name.

    But I can quit anytime I want too!

  6. Michael Moore, Rosie, off the diet again Oprah and 100% for sure the Governor of NJ:whistling:
  7. This isn't generalized McDonalds issue.

    This is a pain in the ass kid issue.
  8. the cardinal rule , you never mess with folks who handle your food
  9. Exactly.
    Unfortunately, if there is to be a civil lawsuit, the only deep pockets belong to the owner.

    I hope the judge gives this young man plenty of time to reflect on what he has done and that he may have to worry himself about what is in his food when serving his time.
  10. Yeah, I figured. Ratio locally is about 8 to 1.
  11. So temping but I resisted:supergrin:

  12. This...

    I never got people that screwed with, or berated wait staff that disappeared with their food! Pretty dumb!

    Just ask for a couple of sugar packets, or Sweet & Low, or whatever!

    At any rate, I rarely, and then only as a last recourse, eat at a McDonalds! In fact, we rarely eat out any more at all... Maybe twice a year!

  13. If you eat at Fast Food restaurants, your lucky if spit is all that you get in your food/drink.

    Fast Food is a no go for me. :ack:
  14. [​IMG]
  15. If your food comes out of a window you need to rethink your food choices.

    What the hell's the difference between phlegm and pink slim?:whistling:
  16. So you're saying that raw chicken, finely ground, looks like...ground raw chicken? OMG! It's pink...like raw chicken.:rofl:
  17. This stuff happens everywhere. My first job was at KFC circa mid 70's. Co-worker on another shift caught a mouse cut off the legs and tail, fried it up in the pressure cooker and served it to a customer....The state shut down both of the owners stores...I'm on a FB thread and it's amazing what all my friends are confessing to as they worked in food service....
  18. What are you waiting for a heart attack or something to help change your mind?
  19. Yes, funny how it works.:upeyes:
  20. I worked at a McDonalds in the mid 80s when I was in highschool for a few months. I will NEVER special order anything from anywhere. If I don't want onions or whatever I will take them off myself. The only food I saw get messed with was when it was a special order.
  21. ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!

    I just don't want to yet......:rofl:
  22. A guy that I went to high school with works at a chicken processing plant. They do mcnuggets at the plant. He told me about the process and it had nothing to do with any pink paste.
  23. I worked at a McDonald's in college. The time I saw a hamburger patty hit the floor, get scooped up and put back on a bun, and wrapped up and put in a bag, I swore I would never eat there again. :supergrin:
  24. The link does not work.

    Anybody ever order an ice cream cone from McDonald's?
  25. Be careful who serves it to you.
  26. Maybe try to copy and paste? Worked for me.

    Anyway, it's a story about a dead rat in a salad bought at a McDonalds in Southlake, TX. The wife of a Cowboy's coach found it and they ended up suing over it. I think it was back in 2009 if you want to search for it; great pics with the story. That micky d's is across from my neighborhood.
  27. You want me to punchasize your face?! For FREE!!
  28. Still could not get it to work but thanks anyway.
  29. Never, I mean never, return food or drink back to the kitchen at a restaurant. Too much risk, when the food is out of your sight you just do not know what is done with it. Just eat the food or leave it, also decide if that restaurant will be on your come back list or not. Some things are just not worth the risk....
  30. If it comes to you in a bag through a window to your car, you can probably eat it, but it's not really food.
  31. +1, :goodpost:

  32. Angus burgers from McDonald's are good. We had a vanilla cone on our way home tonight. Never had a bad meal from McDonald's but I did get an E-coli infection from an $8 burger at a fancy place last year. The fanciest places in town still have the cheapest help they can find in the kitchen.
  33. Well, if the rat didn't survive the meal, that'd be a clue................
  34. Well....uh.....then I won't tell you how donuts are made.
  35. Yes I do and will continue to do so. First rule of life, don't F with the people who handle your food
  36. This.

    I worked for a meat processing company a few years ago, and I'm still good friends with the Quality Manager. He said he carried his lunch every day, and the only time he and his wife went out to eat is the half dozen times per year they'd go to a 4 or 5 star restaurant.

    In other words, the servers at Applebee's aren't going to treat you any differently than they will at McDonalds or Burger King.
  37. Yeah, the truth is, we all probably eat a lot more spit and dirt than we ever realize.