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Anyone dealt with this company (especially AZ and CA LEOs)?

  1. Anyone had dealings with ProForce police supply? They do a good bit of online and mail order, but have a shop in CA and one in Prescott, AZ.

    I stopped by the Prescott store today for a look around. Not a huge place, but decent selection on hand with ability to order it.

    Manager in the store was a younger guy and really nice. Was willing to drop everything and give me the lowdown on the company, price matching and firearm sales requirements. I'll probably do business there just for that reason.

    Anyone bought from them?
  2. I have bought magazines at their AZ locale. It's a decent place.
  3. Yes. Very nice and helpful people; just bought a gun from them.
  4. My dept gets our firearm and taser equipment from them. Dan Ryan, our sales rep, is a good guy. Retired DPS iirc. I also drove up there and bought an AR from them a few years ago.
  5. I like the store in Prescott, they are always pretty cool.
  6. When I worked in SoCal I use to go to their shop in Brea at least twice a month. They always seemed to have the best selection of holsters and duty gear in stock for those last minute "gotta have it now" buys. I've also bought several handguns from them and they always had the best prices and service. They are also the Taser sales reps here on the west coast. Overal a great company that employs a lot of retired cops.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. Thats the impression I got as well.
  8. I bought my last five guns from them. Best prices in the SoCal area, and one of the VERY few places here a cop can walk in and buy Hi Cap mags. QPrices are good because the sell only to police and some security people.
  9. I was on their VIP list for a while because I spent so much money on guns at their Brea shop. It's about 25 minutes from me and their prices and selection can't be beat for firearms. The rest of the gear, meh... their prices are the same as anywhere.

    B0tach has better prices on the 2 or 3 guns they sell but they don't have anywhere near the selection that ProForce does.

    I haven't gone there lately. Pretty much all bought out for any guns I want.
  10. To me, all things being equal, I would rather buy from someone with great customer service, especially in the gun shop world. I would even consider spending a extra bucks to get that service.
  11. They do have good service, but then again, most of their customers are cops and military.

    They are letting security and EMT and fire in as well though.
  12. Pro Force used to be Davidson's Law Enforcement Sales (Same Davidson's as Gun Gallery) but they sold that part of the company a year or so ago. I would think that not much has changed. Still a great company to deal with.