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Anyone actually "found" a gun?

  1. Anyone on here actually "found" a gun? I don't mean an unexpected find at a LGS, but actually "found" one. I can't say that I have myself but some close friends who own some storage unit companies found an old Marlin 336 30-30 in a unit that had been abandoned.

    I've heard stories of contractors doing demo or renovation work and running across everything from an old .22 to a Thompson SMG.
  2. Never personally, no

    I’ve heard stories
  3. Yep...a smith, N-frame 41 cal in a custom holster along the side of a secondary road...was nicked some from falling from a moving vehicle of some kind...tried to locate the owner...no luck
  4. I haven't - I'd probably be a little paranoid about why it was abandoned and what it was involved with beforehand if I did.

    If it ends up with the PD they'd likely run it for NCIC hits and, even if it didn't return any hits, it would likely be destroyed if they werent able to track it to an owner, which is a shame.

    Best thing I've stumbled upon was a big ol' industrial socket wrench in the road, looked like it fell off a passing truck, I tried to return it to the driver but he claimed it wasn't his. I now have a nice big socket wrench.
  5. I've "found" a few that I'd forgotten that I had. Does that count?
  6. I had a .22 rifle bonk a scuba student on his noggin as I was teaching an openwater scuba class under the Rivera beach bridge in West Palm Beach that somebody had tossed off the bridge and was trying to dispose of needless to say it got turned in
  7. Now I have done that...
  8. Not me, but called to complain about a lot of trash on the roadside near the house, so the county sent a group of inmates to do a cleanup. They found two pistols while picking up the trash.
  9. friend didnt know his grandfather owned guns. When he died went throuh some of his stuff found a .22 and .25 pistol. Ended up inheriting them.
  10. Shooting buddy lost his shooting bag and 1911 coming home from a match on his motorcycle. He put an ad on Craigslist. Said I lost something in a bag and what route he took. Offered 100$. Got it back in just a few hours.
  11. About a thousand, but work related. When my sister was about 6yo she found a revolver in the lot next to the house and ran home to tell the old man who called the cops. It turned out it was the same gun used to kill a Policeman a few weeks before in a drug store heist that was big news at the time. She got a lot of hugs from cops for that.
  12. I once found an entire collection of high end european pistols sitting in a room with amazing carpet.
    But then the alarm sounded and then BAC (Brian) chased me away.

    SERIOUSLY...doing a few side jobs I found a U.S. Arms 32 S&W revolver, a H&R 32 acp pistol.
  13. https://www.glocktalk.com/threads/humpty-dumpty-glock-19.1718074/print


    My friend gave me a lot of ammunition, Targets, supplies, cleaning solution, and I found a box in it. It said “for parts only”


    Needless to say, I put it back together after replacing some parts. It’s in my Generation 2 CAA Gear Micro Roni Stabilizer, now, which I modded for suppressor use.[​IMG][​IMG]

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  14. Somehow ended up with a M44. Tried to find the owner but no one would admit to owning it.

    Total grade A POS, waste of bad x54r.
  15. I found a single shot .22 revolver(looked like a knock off of a Ruger Single Six) when I was trashing out one of my MILs rental properties a few months ago, it was in pretty bad shape. I called the non emergency police number and they said they'd stop by and grab it when they had a chance. I got a call back a little while later and they said they were too backed up to swing by, the cop on the phone must not have wanted to deal with the paperwork because he was all but begging me to keep it. I already have too many beat up broken guns as it is so I didn't want it.

    We finally agreed that I would bring it in to their front desk when I was done for the day. We didn't discuss how the transaction would be handled over the phone and he was very thankful that I had left it in my truck when I went in the first time. I told him that I wasn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but I was sharp enough to know not to walk into a police station with a gun!

    Anyway, I asked if someone could come out and grab it, he was the only one there and on crutches so we agreed I would bring it in. I did, we shot the breeze for a bit about guns and crazy rental property stories and I went on my merry way...
  16. I just wish someone would help me find the loaded SW Shield 9 magazine that I hid from myself in my house over a year ago.
  17. Found several Colt Armies, and a Remington Cap and Ball revolver when I was a kid. They'd been lost in the soil of Hanover County Virginia for the last 100 years or so. They had been long forgotten about until the metal detector hit on them. They were more "gun" shaped hunks of rust really, but it was still cool to find them. I often wondered if the previous owners wore blue or grey.
  18. Only at work.
  19. Not yet but someday hope to. I do find a lot of stuff. I could find a needle in a hay stack. Its a gift and a curse. But do hope to find a gen 1 19 so the search continues.
  20. Somebody musta found my staple gun at the rifle range?
  21. After my father died, I looked around his home and found quite a few firearms that I never knew he had. He was keen on hiding them in really odd spots. I have to admit, it was the most fun I ever had doing a scavenger hunt.
  22. Never found a complete gun, but a nice collection of gun "parts"..... all from the 1800's! I have found the breechblock & buttplate to a 1885 Winchester Hi-wall, the action to a 1874 Sharps rifle..... Here is my favorite:
    This particular piece (or pieces) I found about a year ago at a mine that was located in the early 1880's, and worked only a few years... it's definitely remote and long forgotten.
    It is the cylinder to a cap-and-ball revolver, 36 caliber, that was "blown" in half. I suspect it was what is called a "chain-fire" incident, whereas the shooter does a messy job when loading the chambers, and when the trigger is pulled it ignites multiple chambers in the cylinder, causing a "catastrophic failure." Or a severe overcharge of one chamber that ignites an adjacent chamber.
    Although the crappy pics don't show it well, it is obvious that one chamber blew out the cylinder wall, and the chamber next to it ignited, with the ball slamming into the frame and severely "denting" the cylinder face. 3 nipples were blown out as well.
    How would you like to have that happen in your hand?? The pieces were about 20 yards apart... one about 6 inches deep, the other on the surface. No other parts of the pistol were ever found... and I've hit it hard expecting some to come up. This area was littered with WRA 44wcf (44-40) casings and several FA 45-70 casings with mid-80's dates, so it was definitely their little "shooting spot."
    IMG_20190325_192632132 (1).jpg IMG_20190325_192641235(2).jpg IMG_20190325_192649592(3).jpg IMG_20190325_192700444(4).jpg
  23. Almost. I bought a car from a guy who I know had guns. Before he left I said any guns i find I keep. He said oh crap. Pulled an AR15 from the trunk
  24. Nope, found a huge bag of weed and then 7K in bills on seperate occasions, but no guns. Would love to find a Thompson. :D
  25. In the early 70s, I was helping my brother in law clean out a rather beat roll top desk he had gotten for cheap at an estate sale.

    In one of the smaller drawers, among old papers and general office trash, was a 1900 model Browning pistol, .32 acp. Very cool! Good shape too, just a tad of rust in a couple of places on the slide.

    We ran to the local small town hardware store, bought 50 rounds of ammo, then shot it up.

    He's been gone from my life for many years, don't know what happened to the old Browning.
  26. i do a lot of scuba diving and find large collections of guns that appear to have been lost in tragic boating accidents.
  27. My grandpa found a S&W 32 revolver sitting on a top plate of a wall in the pole barn when he bought a house.
  28. Yep...I am missing a set of spare car keys...old age...ain't for sissies!
  29. No I haven’t...but I’ve witnessed a few disappearing that may be found in poured concrete a long time from now...
  30. I never “found” a gun but I once found a Aimpoint in my safe that I had completely forgotten about. Like almost 10 years forgotten about.
  31. When I bought my house, the owner who did most of the construction told me that he thought he may have left a 30-30 hidden under the insulation in the attic. I itched from fiberglass for weeks and all I found was bad wiring and mouse poop.
  32. When I was 10 I was riding my BMI bike past a family friends house. He had just lost his son (15) and girlfriend in a car accident. He was all doped up on I don’t even know what. Bottom line he invited me in and then started calling me his decease sons name and crying . Next thing I know he comes out of his back room with a single shot 20 gauge. Hands it to me and tells me to take it “because it was mine.” I promptly got the hell out of there . I rode my bike home about 4 blocks with a single shot 20 gauge over my shoulder. In broad daylight and no one said a thing. My parents were shocked to say the least . I’m 40 so that was 30 years ago but I’ll never forget it.
  33. It'll be in the last place you look ..... :outtahere:
  34. Many years ago I found a CO2 powered Crosman pellet revolver and some 30-06 ammo. I turned it in to the Sheriffs Office. They gave the revolver to me but kept the ammo. :fist:
  35. I forgot about this. In 1967 was at Camp Perry for small bore matches and went to the range after the days shooting had ended. Found a 22 Prone rifle and an aluminum case with a high end camera and lens. Guy came back for camera before we left. I turned the rifle in the next morning to the command tower near where I found it. Guy announced it over the PA and the owner claimed it.
  36. I found a dope pipe and a small stash that someone dropped at a shooting area out in the desert a couple of years ago. I just broke the pipe and smashed the stash up. Made me wonder about that area either being an area of drug sales/transfers OR are there crazies out there smoking dope and shooting guns?

    Also found a single shot .410 shotgun in an old duck blind on public property many years ago leaning up against a back corner. Can't remember what I did or what happened to that shotgun. I think it was an old JC Higgins ???
  37. Found a Remington Nylon 66 in the closet of a vacant apartment once..
    Sweet Shooter Too!!
  38. Was with my dad and my brother when my brother took his dog to the side of the parking lot. Came back with a Remington Single shot 22==no bolt. We tried to find one with no luck. Dad turned it in to the cops.
  39. My dad found a Remington Model 12 .22 pump in a barn. Its barrel was bent. A 'smith friend had a barrel and fitted it to the receiver. The rifle was made between 1912 and 1915 and eats .22 Short, Long or Long Rifle. It's a fun, quick and accurate plinker.
  40. When I was a teenager a friend of mines dad was a State trooper. Another neighbors kid found a bag with guns on the side of the road walking home and brought to him. All I remember is one of them was a Browning Hi power and it was awesome. Turns out they were stolen from hardware store the night before. Always wanted one since.
  41. My cousin and I found an old Sears Roebuck .22 rifle in my uncle's basement, stuck up in the floor joists. It was a single shot bolt action but seemed to have a dead trigger. That was until we realized after closing the bolt, you had to pull back the black plunger on the back of the bolt in order for it to fire. It was my uncle's father's and he had forgotten about it.
  42. Only time I "found" guns was cleaning up an executive's house (this was one of many houses he and his family owned) after a water leak. In his closet were a couple shotguns and rifles, including an AR-15 with a couple loaded mags. This was almost 30 years ago. Sort of surprised me, but he and his family were very wealthy from the oil business, including dealing with many foreign countries. Talking to a friend of mine whose father knew the customer, they did have family security in mind with their business dealings. I put the guns away in an attic storage area and told the customer where they were - I honestly think he had forgotten about them. This was near the end of the years when locking up guns was not the law.

    Another customer, older lady who grew up on a farm and literally hunted for her breakfast sometimes (squirrel), gave me a couple guns - .22 rifles. She had an ancient .32 revolver (I think) that was cool looking, but even she said she wouldn't recommend shooting it - looked like a wall hanger. When she passed away, her daughter took her remaining guns and stashed them in her house. I asked about them, especially the .410 lever action shotgun that I desperately wanted, but she didn't want to give them away yet. That was decades ago, and I really think the daughter turned the guns in to the local police unfortunately.

    A friend of mine sort of fell into inheriting his grandfather-in-law's guns. My friend is not a gun person. He told me he had 4 rifles I could have. I jumped on that!

    Turns out - one was a black powder rifle that had never been taken care of and was basically an almost solid chunk of rust. I gave it back, told him to paint it black and just hang it on the wall.

    Another was a Winchester 12g side-by-side shotgun - the old "farmer's gun" as another friend calls it. Big, huge, feels like you are holding a 2x4 piece of wood when you shoot it. Pretty much only good for shooting farm pests... I kept it as I love side by sides and it is in not horrible condition.

    Another was a Winchester pump action .22 in remarkably good condition, little rust, but there were deep spots and obvious signs of long, non-maintained storage. Very shootable! I knew nothing about it, but looked it up and was surprised that it was part of a model run back in the 50's and 60's that is now considered some of the best .22 pumps ever made, and pristine models are surprisingly expensive. I gave that back, and told him to take care of it.

    Last gun was something my son had spent years looking for (he has some WWII rifles of various types) - a WWII Japanese Arisaka in amazing condition, but the rust spots it has are deep and not removable, greatly lowering it's value... which is fine for us, as we can shoot it without worrying about "ruining" some sort of priceless relic. The only Arisakas we had seen up to that point were absolute wrecks only suitable as wall hangers. This one still has the "chrysanthemum" on it, and it is well built and safe to shoot - we think it was made early or even before WWII when quality was good. Problem is figuring out which of three slightly different 6.5 ammo it shoots. We have not figured that out yet, just too many things going on in life.

    It was interesting looking up more info on Arisakas. Back in the 50's, 60's, and even '70s they were "throw away" guns, like the Russian rifles. A lot of them had the "Emperor's Chrysanthemum" scraped off by returning GI's. Now, though, Arisaka's are starting to rise in value... but still not hugely expensive unless you get into really "mint" guns.

    (how the heck did my post get so big?? I guess I need more coffee... or not.... )
  43. I haven't, but guys assigned to my unit did about 5 years ago. A loaded G27 in a cheap clip-on nylon holster. Turned over to county sheriff's department, who advised they had a report of it being lost a year and a half prior by a local resident.

    The 27 was found pressed into muddy ground in a ditch along the side on an open field. A bit of rust, but the slide would cycle to clear it. A bit of cleaning and scrubbing, some oil, and I'll bet it would have been completely serviceable.
  44. How sad.

    Do you still have it?
  45. I enjoyed the thread Flipper made some time back about his lost 1911 that was found by some dude.

    Flip had his quirks and could be a real jerk, but I do sorta miss him a little tiny itsy bitsy bit...
  46. Nope.'08.
  47. Found a rifle that had fallen off/out of a guys ATV trailer or ATV once during hunting season.

    He was pretty relieved to get it back. Won't say I didn't contemplate borrowing his swarovski scope.
  48. I would say you didn't.'08.
  49. I found the receipt of a gun that was stolen from me at a local gun shop. Good to know where it went.
  50. Found a G19 in the trunk of a car I was looking at to possibly buy. Owner was standing next to me when it happened. I joked "if I buy the car, does the gun come with it?" He had honestly forgotten that it was there and was a little embarrassed about it. Didn't buy the car or the gun, just a funny moment.