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Anybody remember my secret Christmas bathroom prezzie thread?

  1. Edit: Oh good GRIEF! What a typo ;( BATH-ROBE, darn it.....BATH-R-O-B-E! NOT "bathroom" ::::::rollingbotheyes:::::

    Well, I actually FINALLY got it finished this past weekend....

    (I know, I know....MONTHS late - but at least I finally got it done!)
    The lining aspect absolutely gave me FITS!!

    I've got some digital pics of Scratchy IN the robe, but the lighting didn't work out so well - so I'm gonna wait until he ok's one before I post that.


    Camo sherpa fleece, slinky dark brown lining.

    (Of course, when I left Flag it was getting darn warm....phoey!)
  2. Thats kool Mel honey;) :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :hearts: :hugs: :angel: :kiss:
  3. If Scratchy wears that, how do you find him? :headscratch:

    <--- was curious why gift-giving took place in bathroom :supergrin:
  4. I thought she was making it in the bathroom because it was the only place she could shut the door and be guaranteed to keep him out. :animlol:
  5. That is AWESOME!!
  6. I'm actually wearing in it now....and nothing else!:broccoli:

  7. Not even your kilt underneath? WoooooooooWoooooooooo!!!
  8. Madame, my kilt is not a seat cover :miff:
  9. True.....however, lucky that, it covers your seat :hearts: