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Anybody own a Ducati?

  1. I am wanting something different. I've had plenty of Harleys (6 to be exact) but try taking one up the twisties toward Hawks Nest (WV) and you will tear the pegs off. Slow as a 7 years itch and really does nothing outstanding. I am seriously thinking of a Ducati hypermotard 1100s. My problem is if something goes wrong the nearest Ducati place is in Lexington KY. I was wondering if they are reliable? Hard to work on? Parts? It is a 2008 model. If that doesn't pan out I might settle for a BMW or the new KTM duke 690. What say the tribe?
  2. dry clutches sound cool haha. ducs have a beautiful engine/exhaust note. but if i went italian, id go Aprilia. rsv mille or something
  3. Aprilia....

  4. I'm hoping my next bike will be some type of European sport bike. I love the sound of a ducati.

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  5. S1000 rr
  6. they do sound awesome. i used to ride with some italian bikes when i had my VFR. they all said that was the only nice sounding jap bike... besides the RC51 or the TL1000r of course IMO
  7. Duc are reliable. But expensive to keep up properly. Parts are expensive. You are buying used, do you know the history? If you have to guess, run! You can get a jap bike cheaper and better, just not as sexy. I you are buying it to look at, go right ahead. If you are buying it to ride there are other better options.
  8. That's not a Ducati. HH
  9. KTM. Buff said.

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  10. Apropos Tuono. Go big or go home.

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  11. I've done almost all work on my monster, SUPER easy to work on being a naked bike.

    Timing belt was so simple.
  12. Haven't ridden one in several years, but the Do cat te 900 monster was my favorite.
    Ducks have great engines. But dry clutches suck. Not sure about modern versions, but I know Ducati made some models with wet clutches.
  13. BMW S1000RR Just saying:wow:
  14. I rode a Ducati Diavel...twice...before I bought my present scooter.


    Deus Christi! What a beast! 162 HP, 462 lbs! I love the desmodromics and the growl of the motor, but I decided that if I bought the Ducati, it would only be a matter of time until I rendered myself into a grease spot on the highway.

    So I bought this instead, a Harley Dyna Super Glide Custom.


    Sure like that Desmo-Ducati though.
  15. Dig this video:supergrin:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPNs3v4m7TA"]Ferrari 458 Italia vs Ducati 1198S - Forza Italia! - YouTube[/ame]
  16. Sex on wheels right here:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6h1e9oulMd8"]KTM 1290 Super Duke R Prototype - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDtwUZexHno"]2013 KTM 1290 SuperDuke R | New KTM Super Duke 1290 Prototype - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Wish I had the money, if you get one and it breaks down, I'll come pick it up and take it to LMS here cheap, I wouldn't ride it I swear:whistling:
  18. Guys that ride Duc's are jerk-offs. Here's me at the duc factory in Italy :)

  19. They are cool bikes for sure. But I hate the sound of the dry clutch. If I got one it would have to be one with a wet clutch, but I'm prally done with bikes.
  20. A guy I ride with has a Duc.
    I love it.
    But, his has reliability issues. He wrenches on it quite a bit and it has had to be trailered home before.

    If you are that far from a dealership I would be looking for something else.
    At the high end of sport bikes, you aren't going to see that much difference on the street.
    Track days will separate the performers from the posers.
  21. [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OVgp6prA5o"]Jim Carrey - Yes Man - Ducati Scene [HQ] - YouTube[/ame]
  22. Speaking my language here. Big sport twins are the best road bikes in the world.

    May I suggest a lightly used Suzuki SV1000S? Something in a 2006 or 2007 model year? Some dealers even had left over 2007s just a couple years ago at steep discounts. All the power of a similar year Duc, much better reliability record, much cheaper to buy and maintain (you really want to pay $1000+ for a valve job on a Duc?), cheaper insurance, and all of the same smile factor. Not as "pretty" or "exotic" but if you want to ride, not parking lot pose, then it's an awesome big twin for the price. I have owned several big twin Suzukis (first was a 97 TL1000S....fuel injected twin before Ducs were!) and still love em.

    Ergonomically there's no comparison. Ducs are not built for street riding. They're race bikes and built accordingly. If you're anywhere over 5'8 and 150 pounds you will appreciate the ergos of a Japanese sport twin over the Duc.

  23. You're being washed, dried and folded at that price on any desmo. Where the hell are you bringing it? HH
  24. I've owned bikes from all of the major Japanese manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki). I also owned one Harley that I bought new in 2001 and kept it for 10 years. Now, I ride a 2005 Ducati Monster S4R and I really enjoy it.
  25. Buy a Honda. Japanese is the way to go for bikes. I had a 2008 CBR1000RR. Faster than a ducati 1198 and half the price. Damn good bike.
  26. Standard "inspection" of Duc valves reportedly runs around $600 and that was during the 996 days. That's only if everything was in spec and required no additional service. Tack on a couple hundy more for adjustments, then tax and whatever other maintenance is required and you're well over a grand. Who knows what the charge is today. Either way it's still a hell of alot more than a comparable Japanese bike.

    Not a twin. Very different bike than what the OP is asking about. Inline 4 cyls are as a rule faster than same displacement twins. Torque is the difference. And sound..... :)
  27. I know lots of chicks who ride Ducatis.
  28. Just a heads up Aprilia just released big price cuts on their sportbike lineup.

    With that said I think everybody should own at least one Ducati in their lifetime. A air cooled Ducati is not to hard to maintain if you have some mechanical skills.


    Brisk is right the 08+ CBR1000 is a great bike and can be had for a good price. I owned one and it was the best sportbike I owned yet.
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  29. With all due respect, that sounds like dealership prices. Nobody in their right mind goes to dealerships of any make of any model for any service, warranty or not, for anything...unless they wear the clothing. HH
  30. Well yeah I was talking about dealer service prices. I don't assume he would do his own service. Valve jobs aren't easy overall if you're not mechanically inclined and Ducs are notorious for difficult to service valvetrains, requiring special (and expensive) Ducati-only tools. Last I saw, their valve inspection schedule was 6000 miles!
  31. There are other options besides dealers, and they often charge less than half. HH

  32. True. Both are just seducing bikes. If I was a rich person, Id have both. If it were all about performance, no one would own Harleys.
  33. If you're not real handy with a wrench and don't do all your own maintenance, I would avoid euro bikes all together.

    For more smiles per dollar, or bang for the buck, check out a Kawasaki Versys. Not a sexy as a Duc, but more comfortable, and that bike is SUPER FUN to ride. They can be had for less than $8K

    My favorite bikes of all are the dual sports though :)
  34. FWIW, I road a 987cc BMW for over a decade and all it ever needed was tires and batteries.
  35. I've had a '95 916 since, well, '95

    Who's that skinny guy in my leathers :)

  36. I had a 916 for a few years. Best track bike I ever had, only downfalls were not very comfortable on the street and repairs are quite costly. Very nice bike for sure. If I could have one for track use only, I would be all over that.
  37. Agreed, worst street bike ever.

    I had to drop one tooth on the front sprocket just to make it ridable.
  38. I would absolutely love a monster 696; but the closest dealer in Italian bikes is around 250-300 miles away. The closest place that I know of to me that regularly works on ducs is an easy 70 miles.

    Maintenance is a big deal to me and I don't like the idea of having to haul my bike off that far to have work done.
  39. FTFY.

    I have a 2012 848...awesome bike. Get the suspension setup for you and it handles like a dream. Engine has plenty of torque, but they don't like being lugged at low RPMs. Sure, not as fast as a Gixkawahonzuki, but it has personality and it's up to you to decide what you want.

    The crying over maintenance on these is very overhyped. The old Italians were a bear to keep up with, the new ones are close to their Japanese counterparts in terms of maintenance intervals, but parts and service will probably cost a bit more.

    It's up to you to decide what you value, they're both fine machines at the end of the day; ignore the children with their schoolyard 'my toy is better than yours' pissing contest.
  40. i like yjis one:wow:
  41. That was an air head, try that with a new 1250 and I would be willing to bet you will have lots of weird electrical problems. But if I were to go euro, it would be a BMW, if I were to get a BMW, I would get the now discontinued G650Xchallenge. I love the rotax single. It could possibly be made into the best ever adventure travel machine. But opinions on bikes are about as diverse as opinions on guns.:supergrin:
  42. I miss my old air heads. They weren't fast or the best handling, but they were honest mile after mile bikes. Riding mine always put a grin on my face.