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Anybody have experience with Seekins?

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I have been looking to purchase a Seekins one piece base for my Savage 10FCP-K and I need the dimensions of the Seekins base.

The Seekins website gives this information for the Remington base but it saids to call for information for a Savage bases.

I have tried calling, leaving messages, email for some time but get no response from Seekins.

I have to wonder if business is so good that they can ignore customer requests for information for their products.
Or are they so arrogant to think that they don't need to sell their products to a lowly Savage owner.

Anybody else have any experience with Seekins that they would like to share?
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Wrong forum buddy. This here forum is for AR15 type rifles.:supergrin:
Ok so which forum should this go in?
As said above wrong subsection, however I am gonna help anyway :) I have a 20moa base built by them, and with absolute certainty, the buck stops there. It is a superb base in every aspect, and you will not regret purchasing. I researched just about every base under $200 to come to this conclusion.

Regarding the lack of communication, they are a 2 person family operation. I am sure that there is an explainable reason to the lack of response.
You also may want to take into consideration thursday was a holiday. If its a small biz they may still be out of the office.
I have a set of his 35MM rings - excellent!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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