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Anybody have a UTV???

  1. Really thinking about getting a UTV for some off road fun. They are like jeeps, you can mod the heck out of them and have a bunch of fun. Anyone gone this route, and advise/suggestions. How much will you have tied up in this thing $ wise....

  2. Don't have one yet...I do have an ATV.

    I am getting ready to get a UTV though, probably gonna have between $20,000 and $25,000 in it before its over...but what the hell, you can't take it with you...and I love 4 wheeling, always have.

    The sport UTV's are $17-20,000, I also need a bigger trailer...to haul both my ATV and the UTV...its a family get together type of thing.

    My ATV is a 2016 Honda Rubicon...I'm not into heavy mud riding, I prefer the technical terrain type stuff.

    I'm a firm believer in Honda, but they don't make a true sport machine.

    I like everything about the Yamaha, except the engine...its a good engine...but that rev happy 3 cylinder is much better suited to racing through the dunes than crawling up the rocks.

    I'm leaning towards Polaris right now...but haven't made solid decision yet
  3. Don't have one, but several friends do or did. The RZR is the standard even though others are in the market as well. In short, they are money pits for the reasons you mentioned and if you bend one up a bit. For the price, ~20K the last I looked, they certainly aren't cheap for an occasional toy.

    The last time out at the dunes, 2 of RZR's in the group rolled. Both had varying degrees of damage but both were able to get out on their own power. Nobody was injured other than pride. Both did cost another pile of money to fix, but insurance covered most of it.
  4. If the "A" stands for "All", what does the "U" stand for?

    Underwear? Uber? Ultimate? Universal? Useless?
  5. Utitli
    Utility - they are cool but pricey.
  6. I have a '92 Club Car golf cart. Put big tires and a lift kit on. Basically the same thing. You don't need to go that fast. It has 4 cup holders and room for a cooler in the back.
  7. Love my UTV's. I will never go back to an uncomfortable atv again! I'm planning on adding a hi lifter ranger 1000 to the shop this year. 10256780_10203190959566238_6129014528233688183_o.jpg 12002050_10200761437595348_6249732141472667792_n.jpg
  8. I had a UTI once; hurt like hell!
  9. And the only difference between the set up on this one is the lift adjustment and tire/wheel change. takes me about 2 hours to swap form desert/west Texas set up to mud set up for riding the ATV parks here in east Texas. I can go from 29.5's on 12" wheels to 34's on 15" wheels that quick.
  10. I am on my 3rd Kawasaki Mule...not really designed for off road fun ( 25mph top speed) nevertheless it is an indispensable ...work-horse on the ranch...almost as robust as a small pick up.
  11. They are too wide to go on trails and off trailing I like to do.
  12. Is the military Polaris available to the civilian market?
  13. They just started to allow them on the county trails near me last year so looks like I will be getting one. I think I will have to widen the trails on my property to accommodate them. Mostly for the guests so the don't wack a tree with one.
  14. I recently started shopping for a UTV. The most basic small motor plain Jane version with cargo bed start at about 11K. You can get to 15K+ pretty fast.
  15. I love my Rzr. Have had it for a few years now. Upgraded the cage, the wheels, the suspension, and put in a nice GPS.

  16. For the guys dealing with narrow trails, look at the new ACE from Polaris. I've got the older 570 with the struts up front, but upgrading to the new one shortly.
  17. CanAm X3 is the new standard to beat.

    I used to own a RZR1000. I paid 17,500 OTA New because a previous sale fell through after the title was signed over so technically it was used but never left the lot.
  18. $20,000-25,000 is easy to get to now if you want the 1000CC sports model.
  19. I had a UTI once. It wasn't very fun.
  20. My son has a Can Am Maverick. He likes it more than a Rzr; better handling and smoother engine. Plenty of power, it's about 100hp. Great factory suspension. He does trails and open country off road.

    We were lifelong duners on sport ATVs up until a couple years ago. UTVs are fun in the dunes but then you end up in a horsepower chase for the big dunes we rode.


  21. I needed a dump bed, so I bought the Defender HD10. We have a Polaris, Arctic Cat, Yamaha, Honda, CanAm multi-line and I took out all of them on their own test track and the final choice was remarkably easy. You can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting a Ranger, but I found the 1000 incredibly inadequate in every way. HH
  22. Deja Vu
  23. [​IMG]

    Looks like something out of a Delta Force movie. :supergrin:
  24. Or Iron Man
  25. I want a Yamaha YXZR, but I would have to get a bigger truck to pull it. It's probably for the best since I'd only be able to ride it a couple times a year.
    I need to get off my rear and rebuild my YZ250.
  26. I chose Polaris for the main reason being the aftermarket. More accessories available than Can Am, and Yamaha wasn't a player at the time. I prefer the trails/technical riding we have here in TX and Arkansas.
  27. Unfortunately Polaris got lazy and complacent. They had some major issues with their turbo models and refused to address them. They screwed a lot of owners over. The new X3 from CanAm should get Polaris innovating again. Yahama unfortunately swung and missed with their first sport UTV. It simply wasn't geared for anything other then dunes. It didn't sell well and they were giving them away at the end of the first year. Now Honda just needs to step up and maybe competition will drive the prices down.
  28. I'd love to see Honda jump full in. I bought my Jagged-X slightly used and saved thousands. I wouldn't buy one new, knowing what abuse to look for.
  29. They're like the bastard child of a nice offroad rig and an ATV. Lots of people love them, but they're not for me. I don't like them I'm used to riding an ATV and being able to use body english. I like to do technical riding involving skill to get over obstacles, like loading or unloading the front end, precise throttle modulation, and having a feeling of connection with the machine to best land jumps. Also, UTVs are too heavy for self-rescue when you get stuck or hung up.
  30. I'm pretty sure there they're much more capable than any ATV out there. We've hit rock crawling trails and left the ATV's at the by pass.
  31. There are clubs full of old people around here that go on UTV rides around the mountains. When you're old and beat up and don't want to be on an ATV, these things work out well to get through the hills.
  32. The have, the Pioneer 1000-5 . I almost bought one in Dec 2015, but something told me not too.
  33. I have found out that everyone has a different favorite UTV.
    After owing 2 Honda Four wheelers, I did allot of research and bought an 2015 Full size Polaris Ranger and I love it. In my hunt lease there is 2 Honda Pioneers, 1 Yamaha Viking 1 Can Am and a Kawasaki mule. After owning my Ranger over 3 years and riding with all of the others in the woods I feel I made the right choice.
    Good luck with whatever you select.
  34. For those looking for a sports/utility hybrid. The Polaris General seems like a good mix.
  35. I don't have one but would like to give my opinion......
  36. A buddy of mine went to Dallas Tx to pick up one of the chinese UTVs that he bought for 7K. That is the most hopeless excuse for a UTV I have ever seen. I'm constantly trying to fix problems on it all the time. The doors have fallen off,,,dump bed has failed,,,suspension parts that need welding together,,,engine never idles right,,,,,now the trans is not wanting to shift in to gear without hammering on the shift lever. I splashed thru a shallow puddle and the engine died from wet spark plug boots leaking and the intake sucking up water. The thing is pathetic !
  37. Do you feel better now? HH
  38. [​IMG]
    Here was my setup before I sold it. I'll probably get back into it next year.
  39. ATV vs UTV....they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

    ATV's are generally more agile and better suited to close quarters and narrow trails, they can be manipulated with body weight (to a point), much better suited to work in most cases, and they're lighter.

    UTV's are, I think, a little safer (roll cage), better suited for just plain fun, and room for a 40 quart cooler.

    My ATV is primarily for work around the place and my deer leases...in that role, I wouldn't trade it for anything.



    But, it can be quite fun to play on too...its a Honda, its not fast (50 mph top speed)...but it will get me there.



  40. I haven't seen any diesel models domestically. I don't think you'd be interested in one. :dunno:
  41. That and for one:
    I can only pull so many trailers

    For two:
    Hotels would probably be pissed if I was ripping it up. :supergrin:

    :cheers: brother!
  42. I think Deere and Kubota offer diesel UTVs. HH
  43. I have had a Polaris for 13+ years and recently picked up a Gator. I love mine.
  44. Yup, say UTV and the Gator is what comes to mind.

    Utilitarian indeed, and economical to run, but not exactly sporty.
  45. I'm not too old and beat up and headed for the old people club yet but I'm getting there. If'n I wasn't riding bikes around I'd probably have one of these.
  46. This is us. We have an old (2006) Yamaha Rhino that suits us just fine. It has more ground clearance than all the RZRs we ride with which makes up for its lack of speed.
  47. My Gator is a diesel.
  48. :nutcheck: