anybody around the Columbus, Schulenberg, Hallettsville area

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    Jul 21, 2003
    Houston, Tx
    My home is in Houston but I'm on a several months long field job and currently living in a hotel in Columbus. Our primary work area is southwest of here but my day starts with a drillers meeting in Hallettsville at 6 am and a surveyors meeting in Schulenberg at 7 am, then to the survey area. I'm thinking about moving to Weimar but may stay here because I like the hotel and he town. I've found Ben's gun Store in Schulenberg and Ben hooked me up with someone in Flatonia to get my CHL renewal done soon. Since I may be here a good part of the rest of the year I would like to know about other shooting resources in the area; stores, places to shoot, clubs, etc. There must be more than I've found because this area is full of deer, turkey, hogs, and lots of properties devoted to hunting. Where are they hiding?