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Any Subaru owners?

  1. I have a 2004 WRX wagon.

    It looks stock outside, but it's not...

    Performance modifications:

    EJ257 2.5l block with CP forged pistons
    Stock 2.0l heads
    SSAC Top mount intercooler
    Turbo-back exhaust
    Forced Performance 8cm 18g
    750cc injectors
    Walbro 255lph fuel pump

    I need to get it retuned, but it dyno'd at 285whp on a mustang dyno. I asked for a very conservative tune - there's a LOT more power on the table with this setup. Others with similar setups dyno in the 330-350whp range.

    The one time I was able to get it to the track, I ran a [email protected] With the mods I have and a more aggressive tune, it should be capable of a low-12/high 11 second pass and trap in the 115-120mph range.

    Any other subie owners out there?
  2. Mmmmm, hybrid. I'm trying to decide on hybrid or full swap if I can find a wrecked STi. 6MT w/DCCD tranny first though, I gots enough power... for now. :tbo:
    Before Koji:

    After Koji, not as good a pic though. :(
  3. I have a bone stock '02 Legacy GT Limited. I love it.
  4. Nice! I had a 2002 WRB wagon before I got my 2004. I'd love to do the 6MT swap, but I just can't justify it yet.

    :thumbsup: I've always liked the Legacy as well.
  5. I'm on my 3rd Subaru. I had a 1988 Subaru GL which I loved. I pretty much drove it until it died. Then I bought a 1998 Subaru Outback Sport. I loved that little car. It was destroyed by a stupid female in a Dodge Durango who pulled right out in front of me on a highway. I bought a 2005 Subaru Forester X to replace it.


  6. Hey fellow subaru owner here!

    2006 subaru WRX limited edition. Not stock either

    You guys should swing by www.wrxmodders.com and sign up. When you post say whats up to Manic (Im an admin there) We run 4 other sites as well.

  7. I love these cars, you all are making me jealous!
  8. lol sign up over at the forums. tons of cars for sale and or just great info/videos/stories!