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Any reloaders in the Charlotte NC Area?

  1. I would love to come and watch you reload, so I can get a first hand view of just what is involved in the process. That is, if you dont mind a noob looking over your shoulder. Email or PM if you wouldnt mind. I am seriously looking at purchasing an LCT from Kempf's if that helps. Thanks!
  2. It's not really that hard. I bought 3 books and a Lee press and taught myself but the guys here really helped me out asking I guess you can say normal newb questions.
    Don't tell Jack your a flatlander. :supergrin:
  3. Reloading is outlawed at elevations below 8000 feet, the highest point in North Carolina is 6684, and no one lives there.

    If you want to learn how to load you'll have to move... sorry. :whistling:

  4. Maybe you can find a local person. NRA has classes but I didn't see any in your area.
  5. This is true-lived there 29 years and moved to E. TN in 1974 so I could see mountains, lakes, red necks first hand and be able to reload. Charlotte is as flat as north AL and makes primers and powder go to seed quicker for some unknown reason. Yep, you need to move like I did.
  6. Charlotte is a very nice area. Much nicer then many the places. I don't like the Humidity but thats just me.
  7. Which side of Char.?

  8. The problem with Charlotte is that other than me nobody is from here. :whistling:
  9. Be prepared for Ashecht to come knocking on your door.
  10. You know better than that, you're waiting for me to chime in, aren't you ??

  11. Reggie (Nostradumass) doesn't have a press yet. He's waiting for Santa to bring him one this Christmas.
  12. Aschect... I live "near" Charlotte, if you don't mind driving out to Lincolnton. I've had both Reggie and Bob (HD_Renegade) out for the same thing you're looking for.

    Of course... I reload with a Dillon 550B, if you watch me do that you'll forget about wanting red. LOL. Sorry, couldn't resist.
  13. Maybe these fellers from Gastonia can help you learn how to reload. they take their huntin' dogs with them every weekend.


  14. I work with a guy from Mt. Holly. Did you mean to say Mt. Holly?:rofl:
  15. Hey thats my car!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! Let know how the reloading goes...
  16. Nope-them guys from Mt. Holly are a little more refined. Check out the waterfront condo Bobby Lee made for his gal friend.

  17. Those redneck dogs are like a Marx Brothers movie. I've seen it 100 times and I still laugh myself into an asthma attack every time I see it.

  18. He shoots..He scores :cool:

  19. I can fix that for ya... run around the block three times and breath into this asbestos dust filled bag.

    I'm always here to help. :whistling:

  20. Keep it up and I'll see to it that the next time you go to the hospital you will be in a ward with all of your exes like the end of It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. I picture your exes along the lines of Ethel Murmon.
  21. Phil Silvers... haven't seen him in years. grew up with Sgt. Bilko.

    Oh, and think more along the lines of Jaclyn Smith than Ethel Merman... I've been real lucky that way. Well, maybe lucky isn't really the correct word for the way they turned out.

  22. Actually, I though Ethel looked pretty good there. It's just the idea of following Ernest Borgnine that kind of ruins it :bonershrinker:
  23. :rofl:Anybody have a spare keyboard.
  24. I live about an hour west of Charlotte on Lake James, and yo're welcome to stop by any time you wish.

    We're having a Grayguns Advanced Pistol Operators class at our club next April if you're interested, and you'd could take a look then.