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Any other place to shoot in Indy...

  1. besides Eagle Creek? I am looking for an outdoor range.
  2. Marion County Fish and Game. Atterbury.

    But come on, you have to go to Eagle Creek, if for nothing else than sjstill's antics. :supergrin:
  3. Hey, what's wrong with Eagle Creek? :shocked:

  4. Nothing! It is my understanding that the hours make it so that it is very busy when the are open. If that is not so please tell me. I have a new shooter that would like to learn and a busy range is not ideal for teaching a new shooter.
  5. IM sent.
  6. Not even one staffed with 5 NRA certified basic pistol instructors? :supergrin:
  7. Thanks Don! That is good information as well. It looks like with a little help Eagle Creek may be our best bet.
  8. From what I have seen ECPR even when busy is still a good place for a beginner. The management there go out of their way to make it a safe and fun place to shoot.

  9. +1 For Marion County Fish and Game.
    (This is a shameless plug. I'm the president of MCFG)

    Range times are 8am to sunset, 365 days /year.

    Membership is $100 for the first year and $75 every year after.

    You can shoot anytime during range hours as long is there isn't some competition going on.

    If anyone would like more info feel free to PM me.

    As far as ECPR goes, I have never shot there because I have always had a membership at MCFG. I can say that I have never heard anything but positive things about it and the folks who run it.