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Any other 19X skeptics?

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I hate to be that guy and start a semi-troll thread, but the onslaught of 19x praise has me really confused. The Gen 5 came out and threads were all hating on its lack of innovation. The Gen 5 actually did bring some new improvements, like a better OEM trigger. Of course the 19X will share those improvements, but...

It seems like the most gimickey thing Glock has ever released. If one is to conceal (or open) carry it, there is nothing to gain from the shorter slide. If I’m going to endure a shorter sight radius, snappier slide timing, and brass to the face, it should at LEAST conceal as well as a standard G19.

It balances so much better everyone says. Game changer. What about a G19 with +2 extensions? Problem solved for under 50 bucks.

I think ultimately it looks cool, people love the baby poo brown slide, and it’s a mass delusion of new gun syndrome. Am I the only one thinking these bad, bad heretical thoughts?
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