Any One Win Our Knives ???

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    May 6, 2010
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    Anyone win our knives ? If you have George & I hope you enjoy them.

    The IronMan is quite a work horse. We made it with an Ironwood handle because for constant use it is more comfortable and absorbs the shock alot better than stag.

    Years ago it was sent to the US and in a competition with 9 other bladesmiths/knifemakers and their knives.
    That model came out on top. The article was written up in Knives Illustrated.

    The folder "Urban Tactical" is new to our line and a heavy duty folding knife. George has always made pretty, smaller folders but there is a definited market for hard working folders.
    The beauty of this one is it behaves like a fixed blade when open.

    George and I hope you enjoy them. :) :)