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Any one using the Truglow fiberoptic sights?

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I wear transition glasses and have a hard time keeping a clear sight piture between the rear sight, front sight and the target. Currently I have Trijicon sights installed but am thinking of trying something else like a set of Truglow sights.

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.

I am also assuming that these would be legal in GSSF and IPSC?
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I have been contemplating putting these on my G17. I have a set of TFOs that I really like. On another point though, you shouldn't be able to focus on 3 points at once. Proper sight picture has the front post in clear view, with a fuzzy target and a fuzzy rear sight. The Trijicons are good sights, I have a set on my G30 and have been very durable.
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