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Any one use Pandora radio?

  1. I think its BA! I have 1982 shares of stock in Siri Satilite radio, and after finding Pandora, I know why the stock sucks! I use it on my Phone at work and in my car. Its on my computer too.
    You can type in any group or song and it will randomly play like music all day long. Type in several groups and hit quick mix for endless variety. One really cool thing about it is you can book mark songs and then buy them thru Itunes for your Ipod or burn to CDs. Sorry if this is old. Its new to me and I like it! Its free too..........:supergrin:
  2. I never heard of it before. I'll check it out & let you know. It sounds cool.
  3. I have a Pandora account, but I have a Rhapsody account that I use much more.
    I have a Logitech Squeezebox Boom in my living room.
  4. I love Pandora. Yes, it makes satellite radio look like junk. It's on my computer and phone so it's everywhere.
  5. Every. Friggen. Day.

    On my iPhone when I'm walking my dog at 0500. On my iPod touch (using wireless) while I'm doing my cardio exercises at home in the morning. On my computer at work. And again in my gym at home when I'm lifting weights. If the mood strikes me, I'll also connect my iPhone to the car and listen to it while driving.

    I signed up for a pay-for subscription which gives me access to a greater randomness of music and number of songs than the free account does. And it's totally worth it.

  6. If you like Pandora, you'll love Slacker. It is so much better.
  7. Been using Pandora for years, love it.
  8. Been using it for years. Even bought a paid subscription.

    There is also a way to save the downloaded music files to MP3's. Do a Google search for it. It's less than legal, so I don't think Eric would like any details posted here. :whistling:
  9. Been using it for years. Slacker to.
  10. I Love Pandora!! I will have to check Slacker out.
  11. Yes.I love it! The only thing that saves me at work, and all thanks to my boss.
  12. Yes it's great!
  13. I really like Pandora Radio, I listen to it all the time. In fact, I am listening to it right now.
  14. great app on my iphone. :D i love billy idol radio :D
  15. pandora on my Droid and bluetooth audio equipped truck FTMFW! canceled my sirius subscription :)
  16. I'm not so pleased with Pandora it plays to many of the same artist and the same songs over and over again. What do I need to change?
  17. make a new radio station. :)
  18. I've been listening to Pandora for two years on my I phone, works great.
  19. Switch to Slacker.
  20. Yes, I enjoy Pandora. But I only use it when I am looking for a specific type of music.

    I listen to Sirius XM in the car.
  21. I love Slacker on my Crackberry.
  22. I love Pandora on-line radio. I learned about it not long after I joined GT.

    One of the MANY great things I have learned by caning around on GT!
  23. If you have a paid Pandora subscription, does it still pause after a while to pop-up the "Are You Still There?" message?
  24. No, that's one of the things the paid subscription removes. IIRC it removes ads and gives you a standalone application on your computer so you don't have to have a browser open. It looks pretty sweet.
  25. I use Pandora on my crackberry all the time. I am going to look into Slacker though. I like 90's music and have several stations set up but it seems like Pandora thinks I love Nirvana? No matter what it throws a Nirvana song in there at least every 3-4 songs. I always click the thumbs down. Tired of Nirvana, in fact I can't stand Nirvana..
  26. The wife has it on the home system most of the day while working in her studio. That and Netflix instant downloads sure make that Wi-Fi Blu-Ray feel like a really smart decision.
  27. Slacker fan here. The skip feature alone is worth it. Better ability to ban songs and artists as well. It's to the point where I rarely skip a song anymore b/c I've customized it so well.
  28. The only downside of Slacker, IMHO, is they've so far refused to support a cross-platform player. I don't want to listen to the music through my web browser, I'd rather listen to it through an app. And since I'm running a Mac, there's no way to do that w/Slacker.

    Pandora, on the other hand, codes their player in Adobe Air, which is available cross-platform.