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Any of u guys have the SW M&P9 / M&P40?

  1. Any of you guys have the new M&P pistol by Smith&Wesson? May it be the M&P9, M&P40 or their compact versions. Pls post ur reviews... I've been reading a lot about this new pistol from other forums (including glocktalk) and that it's gona replace Glocks.

    Guys, this thread is not intended to start a debate over which pistol is better. I know Glock is a great pistol and everything... and it has proven itself over time... I'm just curious about this new pistol by SW.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. i've only seen one in pictures but i like the ergonomics of the handle...its a lot better than glock:thumbsup:
  3. yeah dats what everyone's been telling me... pointability is also better (just like a 1911)... Recoil management is also better for both 9mm n 40cal... i'll just have to wait for the units to arrive here and see for myself.

  4. sir, pwede ba maghingi links? na curios ako :)
  5. nakita ko sa pag search ko sir but do you think when it comes sa pricing naman it will compete with the glock's price? mayrun doon na pic na yung bala eh medyo mas malapit sa feed ramp ng barrel malaking difference ba ito sa glock sir?