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Any New load data for MechTech 10mm 180+200 gr XTP ?

  1. I searched and read all 13 old threads before posting this question. I have a bunch of Mech Techs for our G21's and the whole family just loves them. I just got a 10mm for a G20/21 and will start reloading this weekend. I am thinking about a slower burning powder to utilize the 16" barrel and get better velocities. More of a powder for 44 mag with longer barrels. 30-years ago we used 2400, then 296, some pistol caliber carbine users and cowboy action now use LilGun. I have most powders but will buy whatever I need to try. The powders that we have a bunch of are; Power Pistol, LilGun, 231, and some 2400, 296 but will buy whatever works well. Been wanting one of these for a while, I saw a post where a member put a 2-7x scope on his and I am thinking along those lines I got a 1-6X so it could be shot 1X up close both eyes open like a Red Dot or zoom to 6X for longer shots or target shooting. I read the high capacity mag mod threads too, we already have a bunch of Kriss and SGM mags for the 45 so it's really getting exciting now. Don't know if you have seen this but on Mech Tech's home page right in the middle has a video link "Can 45acp be consistently accurate at 100-yards?" http://www.mechtechsys.com/index.php That short video they are shoot 10- clay pigeons at 100 yds then drop down on a small steel plate for a 20-round group with what looks almost like Gold Tracers. If you go full screen you can watch the group as they shoot fast and it ends up Golf Ball sized group on that painted plate at a 100-yards. At the end of shooting they pan back to show you it is really 100-yards.
  2. Regardless of bbl length, you always get highest vel from slower powders. The downside with shorter bbls is blast & flash. So for 10mm, stick with powders slower than PowerP. Longshot, Bluedot, aa#7 & 9, all good choices in any 10mm.
    Now with a carbine, you may be able to get enough 2400 in the case to get useful vel, but i doubt you get better vel than you can achieve with AA#9, especially with 180gr & heavier bullets. Accuracy at 100, sure, both the 10mm & 45 can be very accurate out that far. The mechanical accuracy is there, comes down to the shooter.
  3. fredj338, OK slower than Power Pistol. I saw a thread here where they had data for 800X have not found a LilGun load that's slower. Found a couple of loads for 2400 but they were from a 5" barrel so not enough time for a decent velocity. I saw several posts for Blue Dot around the 10.4gr level but then I read the Blue Dot warning sticky. Wanted to stay with the 200 gr XTP if possible or 180 XTP. I also bought 180+200 HAP bullets but for hunting would use the XTP.
  4. Still looking for anybody that might have tried LilGun, 296, H110 or other powders in a 16" barreled 10mm. I will post velocities and results, just not trying to start from scratch and re-invent the wheel.
  5. Heed Fred's advice - #9 & 200gr XTPs is a very good combo that's hard to beat.

    I've played around with 2400 (5.15") and while serviceable, you won't approach velocities with #9.

    Not familiar with Mech Tech, is it blow back?
  6. I dont think you will. Imo, not enough powder room for slower powders. It will go bang, but vel will be low. Longer bbls are fine, but you still need enough capacity to get pressures & vel up.
    Longshot, AA#7&9, BlueDot, 800x are your best bets, especially with 200gr bullets. Many have a love affair with 800x in 10mm, but i've never gotten the accuracy i want, & you pretty much have to hand weigh charges. You may do ok with compressed loads of 2400 in the carbine. I doubt you can get enough powder in to pose a pressure issue.
  7. Fellows thanks a bunch, my new brass has been prepped for a week, bullets are coated and our local gunshop is closed Monday so Tuesday I will get some #9 and 800X, the Blue Dot sticky worried me like it was supposed to. Please do not think I was second guessing your powder choice, I just did not have any of those powders and I wanted to shoot it this weekend. I have waited for a while, couple more days won't kill me.
  8. I don't have a Mech Tech, but agree with the recommendations for Accurate no. 9. My best 10mm groups are with 180/200 gr XTPs and A9. Best velocities too. I've tried all the suitable 10mm go fast powders except for the VV powders.

    No need to be concerned with Blue Dot in 10mm. It is another very good powder. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it if A9 isn't available. I've found it to give generally good groups, and it is very clean when pressures are hot. Velocities are good, but trail A9.

    800-X and 180 XTPs are the one combo that gave some pressure symptoms. If you are using Hornady book data, proceed with care.
  9. OK ran ladders with Power Pistol with Federal Large pistol primers, 2400 with FLP, HS6 , 296 with WLP. The ones that did not work were HS6 and 296 with WLP. HS6 had velocity but was starting to flatten the edges of primers and 296 was hot and slow. The Power Pistol top of the book load was 1,180 and SD of 3 fps (1,177-1,183fps) I loaded 3-2400 loads up to max and recoil was slow and mild starting load (1108-1114 fps) SD-3- 11/16" group at 50 yards. Top of the book 2400 was 1178-1186fps SD-4- 13/16" group at 50-yards. I am using the same technique that I use on my 458 SOCOM, I load them like rifle bullets when I have seen data on other sites and the extreme spread and SD's are just off the chart so any distance shooting in the carbine would not work. I uniform the flash holes and Boran Nitride coat the bullets in bulk before I load them. That reduces friction and drops barrel temps to nothing with continuous shooting and reduces chamber pressure. Looks like I need to look at burn rates between Power Pistol and 2400. With 30 degrees of temp swing in a day in Texas I need to stay away from temp sensitive powders. Any ideas would be appreciated, some powders that work well in a 5" pistol probably will be too fast in a carbine. With the 2400 it was a real gem to shoot, I just expected more velocity.
  10. Look to Accurate no. 9. It is dense enough to have room for a hair over 13.0 gr under a 200. That is keeping on book (Hornady and Speer older data, but a bit over Accurate's current print. Note that Accurate formerly had a separate 200 fmj load at 13.5. They dont publish that now in favor of the more conservative XTP load at 12.5).

    1200+ in my 4.6 barrel for 13.0 gr under a 200 grain XTP with great accuracy. No doubt would benefit from a longer barrel. Please do your own workups.
  11. OK, I'll get some #9 today and work up from a starting load and try it. The rifle with Power Pistol and especially 2400 was really pleasant to shoot. It will group better than I can. Saw several posts about modifying the feed lips on the Korean 30 rd 45 Glock mags and I got in 6 yesterday, should have bought a dozen. Centerfire Systems had them on sale to subscribers for $9.95
  12. No such thing as powders too fast for a carbine. You will just see less % vel gain than slower powders. I also like A#9, but AA#7 can do well too. Also Longshot is a good choice for top vel with 180-200gr bullets, any barrel length. Problem with 2400 is you can't get enough into the case to get vel where you want. I can get 1200fps in my stock G20 w/ 200gr bullets using BlueDot, Longshot or AA#9.
    I also wouldn't sweat SD. Unless you are shooting well beyond 100yds, larger SD won't affect groups much.
    Just me but cheap mags are not worth the money, any weapon system. Buy good mags, less feeding issues.
  13. Well went to and called every gun shop in 50 miles and no AA#9, so I have H110 and LilGun that I have not tried yet and got Blue Dot and CFE-Pistol to try. Now I have to find the load data for those and get loading. And I am worried about SD because we are going to try to video a lot further than 100 yards.
  14. In the Hodgdon powder sticky of the 10mm Reloading sub-forum, there is a bit of experimenting with LilGun. Could be worth a read. Of course no book data to help.
  15. Taterhead thanks, I am reading that whole sticky on page 8 now. Saw detailed data strings that were WAY OVER what I thought the load would be looking at the burn rate chart and he had regular and magnum primers. So far I am using a heavy Lee factory crimp and regular primers. When I tried the magnums in the slow stuff like 296 it just increased the pressure and flattened primers and accuracy suffered and no real velocity increase to brag about. But since I'm going where no man has gone before ( a Captain Kirk quote ) I will start low and work up.
  16. Long Shot or Blue Dot are solid in 10mm too if A9 is not obtainable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either, with a preference for Blue Dot. Long Shot meters a little better. BD is more consistent with groups on paper in my experience.
  17. There is a big variable...

    The MEC TEC is a BLOW BACK. its NOT a locked breech gun.Powders need to be searched that have pressure curves more in tune with the action.

    So, while the info provided is sound, for a locked breech gun, it may not apply 100% for the MEC-TEC.

    My top loads in the G20, using 800X smile the cases hard in the MEC-TEC.


    I haven't had a chance to work top loads, but the vel advantage with the longer barrel, will quickly out step most bullets anyhow...

    I took a Coyote with a load using a 135 Nosler last year. That load crono'd close to 1800fps. the entrance was near a base ball and no exit on a 40# animal...

    LOVE the gun, but seeing as most 10MM bullets are assumed to be for the 40 S&W.. its rough finding jacketed that will hold up.

  18. Bingo!

    Workups (always necessary) are especially important in this gun.
  19. Well thanks a bunch for the advice. I worked up to some hotter loads than I would shoot with flattened primers and did not get any smileys on any of the brass. 800X may be too fast for a carbine, using a slower burning powder and regular primers stopped that smiley stuff. I want to get as fast as I can get accuracy and consistency, and if that is 50 fps below a flamethrower load that's fine. I am not going to see how close I can get without blowing up the rifle. On some of the other forums all you see is how fast they got, but they never show the groups. My goal is to shoot a 200gr bullet at a longer distance, the rifle is very accurate, we'll see. If I find a honey load I'll post it.
  20. If my guess is right, Blue Dot or maybe CFE-Pistol is as fast as I'll go, and have a different load for my pistol and one for the carbine if I am going to maximize both. Thanks for the help, uncharted ground is no fun alone.
  21. It's not necessarily this powder or that powder, but more working up a safe load for your gun. Certainly some combinations will better suit your needs than others - stay safe and let us know what you come up with!
  22. I assume the carbine still uses some sort of recoil spring?? Perhaps a little heavier spring to slow the bolt opening?
  23. BlueDot is actually quite slow for a pistol powder, much slower than CFE, right under 2400.
  24. Yep I looked on the burn rate chart and it is slow for a 5" pistol powder, the other way to possibly look at it for a carbine is its a really fast rifle powder. I had no smileys on any of the brass, so we'll see where it ends up and I'll be everybody's test dummy. I had my Kestrel 5700E with me but since these were not honey loads yet I did not post all the density altitude numbers etc. when they get closer I will.
  25. Keep in mind you are NOT shooting a rifle cartridge but a pistol cart in a long bbl. No diff reloading wise, other than you will gain a little more vel. The blowback thing may figure into your powder choice, not sure, never worked with high pressure blowback designs.
  26. I'm not familiar with the carbine in question, so I don't know if there's any mechanism, other than bolt mass and recoil spring, to retard the action - essentially, other than time to initiate movement, there's nothing locking the bolt.

    Hot load, case expands, walls grip the chamber, web is a little weaker than the last one...

    I'm sure blowback and the 10 can coexist, just don't see the two being an ideal combination when it comes to anything north of warm loads.
  27. Well I will post really good data this week with atmospherics and chronograph data. Right now all we have is theory. Today and tomorrow is a 20% chance of rain and then the next 8 days it is 60-100% chance of rain so have to work the next couple of days, then I'll have time to load and shoot while its raining. You would think I died in Central Texas and woke up in Seattle or something. At least we have a couple of 100-yard indoor ranges that are close by.
  28. Its a heavy bolt and a spring. YES.

    Its FINE!! MANY guns/carbines are just blow back.

    Its pressure curves, you need a powder that has a shorter curve. You don't want pressures still raising as the bolt opens... That's how you get blown cases and smiles.

    Smiles occur from unsupported chambers, we should know this. The bolts mass pulls the case out of the chamber as recoil forces overcome inertia. If pressures are still high or raising as the case comes out the weaker areas of the brass are all that closes up the back of the barrel...

    I have gotten some excellent results. BUT IMHO the bigger issue is getting a bullet to preform at the higher velocities. As I mentioned, many are built for the 40S&W let alone full house 10MM than throw in up to 500 more velocity form the 16" barrel...

  29. Which is why i am a fan of 200gr jhp. They are designed for 10mm vel.
  30. Hey, I'll knock Seattle with you, but I'm

    Was just suggesting a bit of caution (a we handloaders are know for :) ) as hot loads are approached.

    Looking forward to a range report :)