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Any Medical Folks Here-Does This Seem Risky?

  1. So wifey and I are in the house.Lots of phone, Skype and Zoom. We are elderly.

    I really, I mean really want to go to my club. (It is open.) Really want to shoot my .38 Super.

    Likely I would be one of 2 or 3 people on the forty acres.

    The only thing I would touch that wasn't under my control is the range sign in book. And the wooden table.

    I dunno. It seems ok.
  2. Your a lot safer there than walking around a Walmart. I’d go for it just wash your hands and keep your distance
  3. From a health prospective, realizing that we have no clue of your health history. Being out in the open, on a sunny day, the UV light would likely kill the little buggers.
  4. If you are worried about the book wear gloves or use sanitizer.

    This is an all outdoor shooting range? Your "human contact" is touching a book? If so non-issue, if you can't go now, you should not have gone before.
  5. I think you’re good to go. Just keep your distance and sanitize often,
  6. please, just use some common sense
  7. Take some hand sanitizer, be careful what you touch and sanitize accordingly, and keep distance from others, and you’ll be fine. I say this as someone who is taking this very seriously and who a good chunk of GT believes is falling for a Democrat hoax.
  8. Bring a jug of water, some soap, paper towels. (Better at removing lead then hand sanitizer) wash hands well before touching face. Lead absorption could be harmful. (IMO of greater risk from your info)
  9. Pretty sure the drive to the range will be the most dangerous thing you do that day.
  10. I transported a Covid patient in my medic unit a few hours ago. Go. Don't touch other people or your face.
  11. Or other people’s faces. :dunno:
  12. I have to agree with RenoF250. There’s risk in everything. Take the proper precautions; hand sanitizer, keeping a good distance between yourself and others, etc.
  13. Use your own pen. Lol
  14. Wear disposable gloves to sign in, discard gloves, use sanitizer.

    If you sign out, repeat the process.

    Best of luck for fair weather and fine shooting.

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  15. Sounds very risky to me. You know how powerful those .38 Supers are???
  16. If my rifle club's outdoor range was not closed, I would probably be there now shooting instead of typing this.

    I would wear gloves if practical, or if not, use hand sanitizer or wash your hands well after touching any surfaces, avoid touching your face after touching surfaces until you do so, and stay 6 feet away from other shooters which should still allow effective communication,
  17. Wear one of these and no worries at all. May be a little hard to sign the logbook though.


  18. I know id go ;)
  19. Get a 10 mm.

    No life form, including viruses and bacteria, can survive even the muzzle blast of a 10 mm.

    (keep social distance, wash hands and surfaces, and don't touch face, and you'll be fine outside on a sunny day.)

    Happy Shooting-my local range is closed so...pop some for me too please. :)
  20. I have it on good authority that the loud report 0f 357 SIG scares coronaviruses away.
  21. i hope you left already....
  22. Maybe don’t sign the book. I think the club will be ok if you miss it this one time

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  23. I personally would worry more about the people there if any of them MIGHT be one of those panic buyers shooting their first weapon the first time.
  24. I worry more about other idiots at the range shooting me but you will certainly touch more than that book. The door going in, for instance.
  25. Great!

    How do you decontaminate your PPE after exposure?

    Locally, 1 EMT enters the hot zone to perform a patient evaluation. If needed the other EMTs suit up and transport. They decon before entering the ER but I am not sure how.

    Unfortunately, N95 masks are missing from the rig and store room. No signs of break-in.
  26. Tough call for me. On one hand, staying home is the best way to avoid exposure, but the risk you are describing sounds like it is perfectly reasonable if you take precautions.

    I would be more concerned about doing something for my own interest and taking the risk of bringing home the virus if infected.

    Then again, I didn’t get this old being a risk taker. :)
  27. Decon is washing clothes after the tx, wiping down the rig and surfaces commonly touched. We do not enter pt info on electronic tablet until we are washed up and out of our splash suites at the ER, so the tablet is not even touched until the transport is over. The ER has a room ready for the pt., with staff in isolation suites, and the patient gets a mask on their face from the time of our initial contact. So people make way, and we go straight in. Daily we fog the interior pt. compartment with a water and bleach solution.

    We arrived on most all calls with a Medic unit with two people on it, and an engine with two to three on it, with a medic being on each rig. We send a medic in to a known Covid patient to see if they even need to go to the ER. IF they do, we try to do it with two people from the medic unit, keeping the engine away from the scene if we can. We have had good results so far. We had a far ahead thinking assistant chief years ago that ordered thousands of extra N95s. We have also been issued an MSA cartridge mask that can be used over and over.
  28. seagravedriver - thanks for the info. I really appreciate it.

    I still have my full face MSA cartridge mask from my EMT days.
  29. This is what was used back in my Haz-Mat days. Probably better ways to do it now.

    When you rolled up to a major spill and saw the three kiddie pools set up, you knew you were screwed.


  30. You can still fly to New York!

    in a tube with strangers sitting all around you.

    the range seems harmless
  31. Actually for HazMat, (Mop and Glow), nothing has changed. Kiddie pools spell looooooong day!
  32. ^^THIS. It's the reason I ride my motorcycle often and stop in the countryside for breaks. After 35 yrs in medicine I know that avoiding crowds does more to prevent infectious diseases spreading than anything other than hand washing/sanitizers. Carry one with you and before it evaporates from your hands wipe your mouth and nostrils--the entry points.