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Any issues with this crimp on Aguila 9mm ammo?

  1. Aguila does this strange sort of crimp. Seems like it would weaken the case but I suppose it should be ok for at least a few reloadings. Thoughts?

  2. No worries. They do it to help prevent setback. If it weakens the case, that means I've loaded some pistol brass a few dozen times too often...
  3. OTOH, I've had some of their .30 carbine brass crack on the first firing (not first reload, but firing it as factory ammo) so I don't know what I'd expect from their pistol brass.
  4. that crimp used to be done to most pistol ammo, don't know why they stop doing it, prevents bullet set back, maybe to save $$$
  5. Same as always. Load it till it splits.
  6. As others have said, no problem. Has been used on other ammo for years especially on .380 acp where the bullet is not seated very deep in the case. You can even put your own cannelure on a case or bullet with a tool made by CH listed below: http://www.ch4d.com/catalog/bullet/12000. On the question of Aguila brass, I have never had a problem with it but may not be the best. It is made in Mexico I think.
  7. I've shot a bunch of that very 124 gr with no problems at all.
  8. Aguila brass tends to be very soft. I personally would never shoot that crap again. Not to mention some of it wouldn't chamber in my glock.
  9. Never had problems with Aguila in all my Glocks, great ammo!
  10. I believe that is called Sanchez style.

    If your brass is not tumbled clean when reloading it is called Dirty Sanchez style.

  11. I'm reloading the crap out of the Aquilla brass. Works fine.:wavey: