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Would Participate in a Holster Exchange

Any Interest in a Holster Exchange?

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So many of us have a bunch of holsters that we never use, in our quests to find what we like

I'm thinking of a thread where we would list them

Not for sale, but what you have available to trade someone else

Each person would pay the shipping to get theirs to the other person, but other than that, not a money thing

Would be of interest? Would list holsters available for trade?
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C'mon guys! Post your surplus, oversupply, unwanted, excess, unneeded, leftovers, spare, extra, redundant, dispensable, available holsters.
Looks like that may be coming, based on initial response

If it green lights, I'll create a dedicated thread, with some guidelines and request it to be a sticky by the moderators

If I post them, then I'm admitting defeat that I bought things that I can't / won't use. By putting them in the drawer, I can still delude myself into "maybe" using them someday....

LoL! I think yours may be the biggest obstacle for many! But hey, you'll have a drawer full of new ones you don't use, but maybe a few you do

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I suggested this years ago and it went nowhere. Apparently, no one wants to get rid of a holster even if they no longer own the gun. You know, some day I just may get another...
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