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Any ideas for a Pocket Holster for Glock 23 or 30?

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I’m looking for suggestions with a pocket holster for the Glock 23 and/or 30.

The purpose of the holster will be to carry inside the chest/breast pockets of my North Face winter coat.

The coat is thick and bulky, and hangs below the waist; which, makes it extremely difficult to quickly gain access of a gun inside of my waistband. The other pockets (e.g. top load pockets with side zippers the sit at the waist) are not conducive to carrying a pistol in. Plus the chest/breast pockets have a more “ready and fire” advantage as far as timing to getting the gun to eye level is concerned.

I have a couple of Galco Kingtuk IWB that I use for IWB carry. I thought about getting a couple more, but cutting off the belt clips. However, I was hoping that you all could give me additional suggestions before going that route.

Any suggestions will be well respected. I just need a holster that would allow me to carry my Glock 23 and 30 inside the chest/breast pocket of my heavy North Face coat.

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I sometimes carry my G26 (or my G43 ) in my breast pocket of my down jacket (and down vest), it conceals pretty well.

I use a MIC to cover the trigger guard. I attach the lanyard of the MIC to the hole in the zipper loop (back up, I pull the MIC off manually when practicing my draw) with one of those tiny brass barrel nut carabiner looking key chain things.

Works pretty well. My breast pocket is small enough, the G26 (or a G27) is about it.
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