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Any high round count Gen4 Glock 19 owners here?

  1. I'm curious if any shooters with over 2500* rounds through their Gen4 19s can report how well they are working for them? Is the ejection solid or all over the place?

    On paper this looks like an ideal pistol for the wife but the 19 seems to be the one Gen4 I still hear complaints about from people who actually shoot them seriously.

    I like my Gen3 but the slightly smaller grip circumference of the Gen4 could be a plus for her.

    *2500 not a lot of rounds but the vast majority of Glocks never get shot this much before the owners get bored.

  2. I am closing in on 15000 rounds with no issues. At one point I did begin to have the slide fully return to battery while shooting suppressed, but replaced the recoils assembly spring and all was right again. You are asking about a Glock. I bet my 15000 rounds is nothing in comparison to the amount of rounds other have through theirs. Mine is a Gen 4 and the ejection has remained the same since round 1. I believe that issues with Gen 4s were when they first came out and have all resolved since.
  3. I hope I live to shoot 15,000 rd 2500 rd starting in may 2015 g4 19 glock no problems at all, I use freedom munitions reman 2200rd went to new hp 300rd all 115gr just bought a 5.3 wolf barrel but no chance to use it. bored? you live in usa nobody gets bored here!
  4. Thanks for the reports!
  5. I must be in the 3-4000 range now. All is good
  6. I'm in the 18k range. No issues here.
  7. I'm over 10K with no problems.
  8. Check with ranges that do gun rentals. You would be shocked at the number of rounds through those with no cleanings or upkeep.
  9. My G19 is on Hiatus since I got my G17 (EDC) but since Father's Day (2015) I have shot 1900 rounds through it. The only issue I have had is with Monarch 9mm 115 gr STEEL. 6 Failure to Feed in range (150 rounds fired) session (NO MORE MONARCH Steel especially) (My G19 is my G17 backup now and when I put it in safe it had about 1800 rounds through it)

  10. Garbage in = Garbage out.
  11. Is it bad to use WWB ammo at the range for high round counts like this? I am a new owner and would love to be able to shoot cheap stuff that I can get locally.
  12. 18-20k+ (too busy shooting to keep count) through my Gen 2 with no issues. At least nothing that a thorough cleaning didn't cure.
  13. I hope not, I've been shooting cheap ammo forever. WWB with it's lower power will make your gun actually last for more rounds, because the stress on everything is lower. If you wear out a Glock, the cost of a replacement gun will pale against what you spent on ammo.
  14. that is really good, I am excited that I am able to pick up 100 rounds for $30 at walmart!
  15. My only difficulty with this thread is.....

    I am truthfully not sure that 10-15,000 rounds, is considered a "high round count".

    If it is... mine is still going strong... No signs of any impending problems.
  16. Walmart now sells 200 round range boxes of the Walmart Winchester white box for $48. Keep an eye for those.
  17. Sounds like a perfect choice especially if it works well in your gun. In the remote possibility of an ammunition related issue with the gun my guess is Glock and Winchester would work together to solve your issue quickly.

    I wish I could afford enough ammunition to wear out a gun. If someone would provide the ammunition I would gladly pay for a Glock or three just to see how much ammunition it would take.
  18. 3k + through g4 19 no problems at all.
  19. 5,200 rounds through my G19Gen4, with some amount of erratic ejection (brass to face) occurring. I replaced the recoil spring assembly at 4,800 rounds. My G19Gen3, G26Gen4, G17Gen4, and G34Gen4 are ejecting fine.

    More powerful ammo helps quite a bit. For practice, I'm shooting a lot of steel-cased Tula 115gr fmj.

    Get the G19Gen4 (or Gen3) and don't be concerned with the negatives.

    Edit 10/9/16: Another 100 rounds, this time with Fiocchi 115gr fmj, and zero BTF today.
  20. Same here. My Gen 4 G19 has about 2K rounds that I've put through it, and the previous owner had a few K in it when I got it. Runs like a champ, no issues.

    Boy am I glad I reload.
  21. My Gen 4 G19 is at 32,000+ and functioning 100%

    The pistol had an ejection issue over the first 1300 or so. Brass to face, stovepipes etc
    I put in an Apex extractor and non-LCI bearing at 1300 and have not had any issues since, except when I put the OEM LCI extractor and bearing back in a few weeks ago. The OEM extractor is crap, and I immediately got BTF when I did that. I threw away the OEM extractor and have put 2000 or so through it since with the Apex, no issues.

    I change out the recoil spring assembly each 5000 rounds.
  22. My 1st response to this thread was over a year ago. I must have around 15,000 now.
    Only brass to face I have ever had is with my low power reloads. I make those on purpose to just cycle the slide
  23. 6k rounds through my FDE 19 gen4
    Not one issue