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I bought these last year. They fit in my WASR 10/63, but it's a tight fit. Which doesn't bother me with how loose the mag well is.

Try the Bulgarian metal mags that CDNN SPORTS out of Texas sells
I was looking at these last night on GunMagWarehouse. Nice mags at a good price. Can't beat the old Soviet-style metal mags. I might just stack these deep.

Anyone have anything to say about the Arsenal Circle 10 magazines?? I've wanted to try one for awhile now just never hit the buy now.....

The reviews on them are pretty impressive!
VERY nice mags. I have exactly one that I will never part with. It was one of the first polymer mags I ever purchased, and I bought it at a gun show years ago, probably around 2006-ish or so. If I remember correctly, I paid something like $42 for it at the time, but don't quote me on that. I was totally naïve to the world of mags at the time, so I didn't think to buy more (and I don't recall more being sold anyways). It has always run reliably without a hitch.

If they weren't so damned expensive I'd buy more. Their 40 round version is $100.
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