Any Current Best Buy Company Employees On Here?

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by tv vet, Feb 10, 2010.

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    If yes, may I ask favor please. Could you please forward me the link for the Verizon Best Buy employee site? I was laid off from Magnolia Audio Video last year (still looking for work) during all the Best Buy cost cutting, so I can't get access to the site without a company email address. I still have the Best Buy discounted service with Verizon, but the system will only send the link to a valid Best Buy email address.

    I'm trying to get a gift for my girl for Valentines Day, something nice, but cheap hopefully. Verizon does not offer the same prices on their regular site. I still can sign into the employee site, just need the link. When the link is sent, it's only good for 72 hours.

    I asked former coworkers (that were VERY LUCKY to keep their jobs), that I thought were friends to do this for me, and they wouldn't. Of course they're not gun owners either, guess that makes sense.

    I will also send a $20 gift card of your choosing to the person that sends me the link.

    I can PM you with my email to forward the link to once you've received it.

    This is where the link is sent from if you've never seen it before:

    I'd very much appreciate it by the tons!