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I'm seriously considering getting a Glock 30 SF. I have a Glock 29 SF and I think it's an incredible amount of firepower for its size. You can go to my web site to read up on what I've done to improve my groups with it here if you care to:

I am very interested in your opinion of alternatives to Glock's line of .45 handguns.
I read a couple of your articles regarding this "Ayoob’s Top Rated .45 ACP and GAP Glocks" and,

In a September 11, 2013 Personal Defense world/ Concealed Carry Handguns article titled, "GLOCK 30SF: DO-IT-ALL .45" you said

Massad Ayoob said:
The 30 series was simply designed as combat guns and intended for combat loads. With those, the G30 was uber reliable. To make a long story short, the G30 quickly became my favorite Glock.
After lots of thought and consideration, I've decided that if I go with a subcompact Glock .45, I'll go with a Glock 30 Sf.
But, I'm wondering if there is an alternative to the Glock .45 ACP that I'm overlooking.
Any serious suggestions regarding this and also, I'w wondering (of course) what you currently carry?
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Nothing has stolen my heart away from the 30-series, still my favorite Glocks. :supergrin: I don't see anything in the plastic pistola world that's a direct competitor to the G30 and its features.

That said, I try to vary the guns on each training tour, to stay familiar with the different guns students bring to class. Carrying a Wilson Beretta 92 Compact Carry 9mm this week.

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